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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Las Vegas Baby!!

We left Armagosa Valley this morning about 1015 or so knowing we were only going about 100 miles to Vegas.  
Our site at Armagosa Valley 

Thought this was pretty unique..

A beautiful drive through the Nevada desert with all the surrounding mountains we arrived at Duck Creek RV Park at about 1230.  Nice park (for an RV park) and it's Passport America..so we have a huge pull through site for $25.00 a night...we'll probably stay 2 nights and then head for Lake Mead for a few nights.  The weather is gorgeous, not too warm but definitely short sleeve weather. 

On the road it looked like a volcano exploding...the clouds were awesome

Joshua Trees!

Coming into Vegas..

We had lunch here at the trailer and then decided to head for the Vegas strip for a drive..Ken and I haven't been here together since 1983 in the 1961 Chevy Impala with the kids and they were small.  

We found a back road and got to the strip..wasn't too bad till Tropicana Ave and it was not moving!  So we made a right and headed back to the campground.  Figure we'll try again tomorrow and maybe take a walk around or maybe not.  
Love this sign!

Coming into the strip!

The trailer in the spot...

Looking out the back of our spot...it's cramped which is
why we don't like RV parks if we can avoid..but it's Vegas! 

In 1983 we stayed at the Imperial 400 hotel..and it was nothing like this!  I have been a couple of times since then...once with Linda, Bobby, Dusty Daddy, Diane, Jesse, Russell (he was 12) Eric and me..Diane and I used to take a trip every year after school was out and that year we did the Grand Canyon, Zion, Vegas, Death Valley and Lake Tahoe.  The most favorite picture I have of Russell and my dad was in Vegas in Linda's trailer (at the time)...Good times! 

Tomorrow we'll see how it goes!  

Talked to Cheryl and Adam, he got a letter from UOP telling him they were interested in him...hmmmm...and he's only a sophomore...way to go Adam! 

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