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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

We're gone!

Spent a couple of hundred dollars at the grocery store yesterday...picked up a box for the Tundra to hold some stuff..back home and we spent the afternoon loading the trailer and the truck..we are now set for 3 to 4 weeks or so..

At home getting ready to go...

Walker Lake about 20 miles from our house...

Lunch outside Hawthorne...makes our truck look small but it's only
a 20 foot trailer...

Mina ....NV..

So last night the meterologists called for a bit of rain maybe...we woke to the sound on the roof..so spent the morning getting ready to go.  I ran to the post office and cancelled mail, and a case of water..done..so we got a late start about 1230 or so..but we knew we were only heading about 275 miles..actually further than we like but we made it!  We are at Armagosa Valley RV Park.  Been here several times and really like it.  Only $20.00 for the night with full hook ups, and huge sites!  

Beautiful ride through the Nevada desert and mountains..Not alot of people on Highway 95 but more than you'd think.  We heard the "tent event" in Quartzsite AZ is over and have to wonder if alot of those out of state plates are people who attended that event and are headed home..alot of Oregon and Washington plates on the road!  

The incredible sky outside Tonopah..

Tonopah and our favorite haunted hotel...

Goldfield NV

Wicked looking sky...

Tomorrow we are thinking we are heading to Vegas (I know, us!!)  But we do regularly watch Pawn Stars and are thinking we'd like to see the building if nothing else...I know weird stuff on the "bucket list"...but I got to see Pioneer Woman's ranch and town..so if Ken wants to see this building, we'll give it a shot...not to say it will happen but that's the plan. 

Right now...we're hooked up to electricity..but the water isn't working...wth?! 
Guess it's called getting to know our new trailer...uhhhhh.... 

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