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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reno and then a couple of days at home...

Friday morning we headed to Reno to drop off the computer.  Did a little running around and got some things I wanted for the Jayco. We were back home in time to have lunch at about 1330.  Decided we'd eaten out enough lately so had a simple lunch.  
On the way to Reno our beautiful Nevada sunrise...

A nice little fog on Highway 95

The weather is gorgeous..it's really cold in the mornings (about 15-18 degrees) but afternoons warm up to near 60.  

Saturday we were basically home all day which was nice for a change.  I spent a little time taking things out to the trailer for our upcoming trip to AZ.  Ken has a dentist appt on Monday so either Tuesday or Wednesday we'll head out.  At least that's the plan.  

Sunday morning Ken decided it was time to work a little more on the hallway.  He got the electrical ready to go for the hallway light.  Alot more work than if we had open walls and studs but he got it done.  Then we sanded some of the holes and stuff in the walls and a little spackle.  Alot more to do but at least it's a start.  
This is looking up at the electrical box in the horrible, ugly ceiling!
This used to be electrical on the outside of the wall..not tucked behind
of course spackle will have to be sanded...

This little area is where we'll put the dresser we bought at the
antique store...in the middle of the night I figured what I want
to do with the wall...so excited..can't wait to get that done

We both have mixed emotions leaving the house while in the middle of this project..but then again, we can't go for too long in the summer as we have to be home to water..and we like to take the grandkids on trips for a week or so at a time.  We've only spent 1 night in the trailer since we bought it at the end of September, so that's just not right either.  The project will be here when we get back, along with other ones..

Love our fireplace..

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