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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Jacob's graduation and party!

Friday evening found us at Oakmont High School with several thousand other people. :0  There was no parking to be found so we parked in a shopping center down the road a bit! Actually when graduation was over we were glad we parked there as what a cluster these folks had getting out! 
Russell's friend captured this pic of Jacob
The rope is for culinary arts..

Mom and Dad took the graduate to lunch before the ceremony

Three graduates...Greg, Jacob and his sweetie Alyssa :)

Found some seats and waited for the ceremony to start.  It was 92 degrees and of course we were sitting in the sun.  You get where i'm going! Sweat! YUK! All i'll say about that.  Eventually it started and we anxiously awaited our grandson walking across the stage.  HMMM...where was Jacob?!  They got to  the letter L and Ken said what happened to Jacob?  Well, all we can surmise is the people in front and around us yelled so loud and so long for their graduates that it overrode the poor quality PA system and we would have seen him cross but just didn't know it was him. :(   Darn it! Because there were so many graduates, even with the yelling and screaming the people had to keep it moving.  It is on You Tube so when we get some time, I'll look for him.  

After it was over we ended meeting up with him out by the flag pole.  Again so many people picture taking was basically non existent. We gave our hugs and congrats and headed back to our home at Cal Expo RV Park.  It was about 2200 so we settled in, relaxed with a glass of wine and a beer, had some munchies and headed off to bed. 
The seats were filling for the 440 graduates..

Jacob and his mom, Lori

Aaron, Lori, Jacob, Russell

Our sunset on Saturday evening..

Saturday morning we decided to head for IHOP for breakfast. We had a gift card to use.  It was about 0940 or so, the one closest to us was packed with a waiting list..sorry not about to wait at IHOP.  Guess people wanted to get their breakfast before shopping at the near by mall.  Down the freeway to Madison Ave location.  No waiting and empty tables. We ordered and had really good service. Ken had breakfast, I opted for the turkey sandwich (minus the bread) and a side salad.  Some of the salad and half a sandwich came home with me. 

A quick trip to Raley's to replace the spinach and a couple of other things.  We headed back home and I started cooking.  Ken went to visit our friend KC in order to give me space to get my things done.  In the end I made a big bowl of macaroni salad with cheddar cheese chunks, spinach dip and of course the ham i cooked at home. 

Finished up, went outside to read in the shade and about 20 minutes later Ken got back.  Looks like we've got a dinner date on Tuesday at Cracker Barrel with KC and family.  :)  We enjoyed Happy Hour outside for awhile and then a simple dinner inside. Left overs for me and Ken had a couple of jalapeño cheese dogs with some macaroni salad. 

Sunday was party day!  What a great day that was. Lot's of family and then friends we hadn't seen in a few years except on FB.  Tons of food and celebrating Jacob.  It was a really warm day, they had rented the pavilion so with the cover it was very nice.  About 1530 the cleanup and goodbyes started so we loaded the folding tables in the truck and dropped them at Russell's house before heading back to camp.  

Party Pictures...
We had a great day celebrating Jacob! 

Ken talking with his mom

Nephew Jesse

Our son Bryan with Raider 

A lot of the guys went out to see Seth's new to him car

Ken getting his lunch..way too much food.  Russell and Steve
smoked tri tip and chicken! 

There was a nice breeze and shade outside so we sat outside for Happy Hour once again. :)  Ken called his friend Dave who he used to work with and he's actually off on Monday so Ken's headed that way today.  I'm headed to see my sister Linda and pick up some baby stuff she has for baby to be Amelia Rose. Hopefully lunch with both my sisters :) 
Lots  of salads! 

Mason getting another plate of food! 

Brother in laws Bobby and Shawn

Grandma and Ken's sister Diane

The graduate Jacob! 

Russell, Alyssa, Greg and Jacob! 

Jacob through the years...

This was the box I'm sure held some nice $$ for him

Eric, Mason and Diane chatting..

Well I had a nice lunch with my sister Linda, but Wendy was having a bad day so we didn't go there. :(  Linda and I walked into Garcia's and Chris greeted us and had my wine already in hand! What service is that LOL..Linda and I had a great time catching up and enjoyed a delicious lunch as well. Thanks for lunch sister!! 

I dropped her at home and headed for Walmart to buy a fan and pick up some pictures for daughter in law Christina. Then a stop at Ross to see what baby stuff I could find for the shower.  I actually ended up with a couple of things for me too. :)  Time to head home and found Ken was already home.  Happy Hour! It was hot so we stayed inside in the air conditioning until it cooled a bit outside.  He got caught up on my day and I on his visit with Davey. 

Time to end this post before it gets any longer ...I'll catch up on the inverter issues next time. 

Have a great day! Looking at 98 degrees today, thankful for air conditioning! 


  1. What a fun time at the graduation , too bad you missed him. And of course the family time is always wonderful.
    We would like some of that warm weather here, we might get into the 70's this week after yet some more rain.

    1. I know we were disappointed that we missed him..I"m sure we saw him, but just didn't know it. Yes we love seeing the family! It's supposed to be hot all week. I'm happy with 80's..oh well.

  2. Congratulations Jacob! What a handsome guy! The thing that impresses me most are the smiles! You know that. From his earliest school photo to today, a gorgeous. Alyssa has a keeper. :)
    I'm looking forward to when I can say 'it's too hot outside'.....nah I don't think you'll hear that from me for a very long time!
    I love the inflatable coolers for the cold salads. I think that is what I'm seeing ;D

  3. Yeah he's always had the best smile, just like his daddy. I'd be surprised to ever hear it's too hot outside from you :) I was impressed by the inflatable coolers too! Clever idea.