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Friday, July 12, 2019

Picture and narrative overload! Sure enjoyed the time at the coast!

Fair warning, lots of catchup and pics! 

Our beautiful flag the night before we left ;) 

Sunset :) 

Monday morning we were able to leave on time, but we had to make a stop at Ken's doctor's office.  He had ordered some prescriptions over a week ago and they still had not been filled.  We figured the office had been closed during 4th of july week and we were right. He talked to the receptionist and she said she would get him to call it in to Raley's in Gardnerville.  We headed that way and of course no call..They called him and we tried to no avail. Messages were left. After a half hour or so , we left.  

Headed down Highway 50 and onto 80 in Sacramento.  Ken ate a sandwich on the road on the way and I had a salad. Traffic wasn't too bad until we hit 37 out of Vallejo.  Slowly we proceeded..Touched base with Christina as they were already at the beach.  Around 1500 they were able to get into the house and we followed not long after.  Christina's dad and his girlfriend, Donna were there too.  Grandsons Adam and Aaron showed up a little later.  Jacob texted and said he would be there on Tuesday morning! For a day we'll have all 5 grandsons together. 
Traffic near the bay area going in..doesn't anyone work
anymore LOL!

Six Flags, Vallejo..

The bay waterway..

Petaluma, CA..gotta love the flag!

Petaluma, CA

Aaron needed a nap :)

On our way to the ocean..

Linda, back of store and cafe..

Front of store..Ken and Adam waiting outside...

We didn't do a whole lot except chit chat and get caught up.  We had pulled pork sandwiches, Winco chicken and Donna made some marcaroni salad to enjoy. 

I got a really nice surprise as Bobby (Christina's dad) had bought me a case of my favorite wine as a Thank You!  Very sweet of him. 

Thank You Bobby!! :) 

Inside the store, used to be a cute country store with everything
for campers..Now it's organic and YUPPIE..:( 

Souvenirs for sale..

Not what it used to be :( I don't know who they think
they are catering too..certainly not campers..Looks more
like Bed Bath and Beyond..:(

Adam and Ken

We ran into Mason and Eric..

They've put in new park models..we assume are to rent..

The Red Porch..there used to be a man with a telescope who sat
there...not anymore :( 

Eric, Mason, Ken and Adam..

The House we rented..called Wind Song..Adam's car out front..

Tuesday morning we all got up and around and took our time. No hurry we're on vacation.  After breakfast we stayed around, Jacob came and then we all went down to the ocean.  The boys had a boogy board so they played a long while on that in the cold water.  I had made sandwiches for everyone before we went down so as each got hungry they had a sandwich and chips.  Eventually the wind blew and the boys came out blue!  Time to head home and warm up.  It wasn't long after that Bobby and Donna left to head back to Sacramento.  

The plan for dinner was cheese burgers on the bar b q.  Later in the evening we had a nice fire (Thanks Eric for bringing wood) out back and enjoyed the evening until late...way late! 

Wednesday morning after breakfast Adam left to head home as he had to be at work at 1600.  WE hung around the house for a while.  Ken and i drove to Petaluma to do a little stocking up.  By the time we got back the sun was shining bright!  Eric, Ken me and the boys headed down to the beach so the boys could play in the ocean and we could watch. It was a lovely afternoon! They weren't near as cold when they got out of the water.   

Eventually we headed back to the house and Ken got the chicken ready to bar b q.  It wasn't defrosted enough so the decision was made to have burgers and hot links for dinner. That works.  French fries in the oven. After dinner a nice fire and conversation :) Another late night but why not?!

Thursday morning was a later wake up for Ken and me. Eric and Chris were in the living room and had been for awhile. We chatted a while and then it was time to get breakfast going! Everyone was fed and Ken suggested going for a bike ride. OK..Seth and Mason had brought theirs but turns out it was too tall for me, I know the first time I had to stop...I'd stop all right, on the ground :0  We went for a nice walk instead, down to the old pier that is no longer used :(  Then we walked back via the beach.  We were gone a couple of hours. Still no sunshine :(
The boys had driven over to Bodega Bay to have lunch.  Ken and I got some leftovers and then we ran to Tomales to grab some beer.  Upon return it was quiet ..they boys were playing Monopoly which was fun to watch them.  I went out bak to read and then decided if I had time to read I have time to get the blog started. Ken was taking a little nap and I headed to the living room. 

We went outside and Ken started a fire.  Later on some chicken was thrown on the bar b q.  After dinner back outside with the kids and some beers and wine were drank along with great conversation. 

Eventually I called it a night and Ken shortly followed.  These late nights are catching up on both of us :0  I slept like a rock once again.  Friday morning I awoke about 0500 and just played there a bit after starting the coffee.  Shower was grabbed and then chit chatted with Eric and Christina.  I started breakfast for the kids and everyone got served what they wanted. A few egg mc muffins, french toast and apple muffins for some. We all pitched in with the cleaning they require then Jacob and Aaron were the first to leave.  Eric and Christina were next a little later.  I had the kitchen to clean, so told them to go home.  The kitchen was so tiny you could only have one cook at time in there!  We didn't need to leave too early as we were only heading to Sacramento for the night.  WE left about an hour later.  
Seth, Aaron, Adam and Mason..

All 5 grandsons :)) 

Jacob, Seth, Aaron, Adam and Mason :) 

Too cold, time to get out! 

Mason, Eric, Bobby, Chris (front) Donna, Ken..:) 

Ok, too cold, chattering teeth...Seth, Adam, Aaron, Jacob

Sitting around outside..

Adam and Eric working on starting the fire!

We pulled into the Super 8 at about 1420. Traffic was horrible from the bay area on. We expected it as every Friday the bay area people escape and head for the mountains or Tahoe.  Oh well, we're here.  Tomorrow at 1200 is Baby Cassidy's first birthday party.  Tomorrow is also our baby boy's 41st Birthday.  Don't think we'll see him, but we'll talk with him. Hard to believe our youngest is 41!! 
Beautiful plants out back..

Dinner time!

Adam and Eric solving world problems :) 

Gotta love that smile Jacob!

Aaron, comfy and on his phone..

Seth just chillin...

Beautiful succulents..

Fire's going..

This was different..playing Monopoly! Interesting conversation!

Christina taking it easy..she's on vacation right?!

There's Eric! :) 

We were gifted for a Mother's Day/Father's Day this cool table!
Can't wait to use it!

Thanks Eric, Chris and family!

Ken, Eric and Jacob..

Christina and Aaron..

Eric and Mason..

Ken, Mason, Me, and Seth.. :) 

Christina, Mason, Eric and Seth getting ready to go..

All loaded up!!

Well, as you can see blog didn't get posted on Thursday either. Decided it was more important to spend time with Eric, Chris and the boys outside by the fire pit.  The blog can always be written. Time with family can't be gotten back :)
A beautiful morning!

Going over the Vallejo bridge..

Traffic headed home..

I really can't tell you how much I enjoyed this time with everyone :) Nothing better than family and we are blessed. Even though parents couldn't make it we were so happy to have all the grandsons visit for the time they could (those jobs sure get in the way haha)..  Hoping next year more of the family can come and we'll all be together. It won't be at that house though. Way too small of a kitchen and they had the smallest shower we've ever seen! We'll be on the look out for a different house. Wouldn't trade the 5 days for anything :) Eric is still on vacation next week and hoping they find something fun to do...of course they could head for our house if they can't think of anything :) 
Hard to believe this was two years ago!

Boys at the beach..

There's a rock to climb..they climb it :) 

What a unique yard! 

The old pier...we spent many years on
it, crabbing! Lot's of people fished from
it and now it's shut down :((

Looks like they are ignoring what needs
to be done to reopen..really sad..

Linda, this is out by the sea wall...

Have a great evening everyone! 


  1. Definitely a great trip! Even still recovering from surgery! Had fun! Love the Kay Family Vacations

    1. So glad you all were able to make it! Loved the trip and love you guys!

  2. What a fun time with all the family, thanks for all the fun pictures.

    1. It was/is always fun with family that's for sure! Glad you enjoyed the pics..

  3. That is what you call Quality Family Time that was well spent.
    Sad when Landmarks are left to deteriorate.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your next adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes Rick it is sad, we've been going to that pier since our boys were little. The whole area down there has changed. Used to you would go, find a camping spot and rope it off for your group, now it's all campsites that don't offer anything. The costal commission got involved and really changed things..$$$$$$...We had a wonderful time that's for sure!

  4. I can't remember the last time we were in that area and the boys went in the water? Yikes. Was the house 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. I like the firepit and the plants....and the scenery....and the family pictures. OK...I loved it all.

    1. 4 bedrooms (2 queen, 1 bunk and one room w single beds)..1 1/2 bath so only 1 shower. I'm glad you loved it all!!

  5. What an awesome trip! Love the pictures. So much I wanted to say but forget now. Lots of white bellies there in that cool water, those handsome boys need to leave their shirts (and hoodies) off! :) Still love Jacob's smile.
    I love that you truly enjoy the coastal vacation with the boys. Happy Birthday to your 'baby' and what a sweet guy Bobby is! He knows the way to your heart!

    1. Aww.. thanks Patsy! Funny all the boys were saying they wanted a tan..but other than 1 day it was too cold to be without shirt! I knew you would like that pic of Jacob. It was a great trip and glad to have all five together for 1 day..darn work gets in the way!! I can't believe my kids are all in their 40's! And one late 40s..really am I their mother?!! hahah..Yep that was really sweet of Bobby and such a surprise!!