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Friday, July 19, 2019

Seth signs! Leave date moved up! Baking, patio work, Family catch up!

It's really happening! 
Grandson Seth signing papers this morning that give him
Combat Support as his MOS in the Marine Corps.  Just what he

Wednesday night we started out in the guest room and it's wonderful air conditioning as it was just too hot not to have it on!  About 0300 Thursday morning I woke up so congested I couldn't get comfortable and breathe. I tossed and turned until 0400 and then got up and went into our bedroom.  Turned the tv on and was wide awake.  I think my hula hoeing the last two days stirred up my allergies and I was miserable. At about 0500 it was time to wake Ken up for coffee :)  Time to get the day started. 
Our beautiful sunset yesterday :))

Best time of the day! 

We did our usual morning routine of coffee, a sweet treat and visiting with our blogging friends.  Before it go too late, I ran out to the fifth wheel and made sure it was ready for company again.  Then over to the bunk house to put the sheets and quilt that Karen had washed (her kids, so she thinks she needs to do the laundry).  Went up in the loft and did those sheets as well.  Thank goodness for air conditioning out there, as it was hot already and it was before 0800.  

Time for a shower and some breakfast. Ken got the rest of the pavers unloaded and a short start to the project.  We had Pioneer Woman on and she had made some rib eye quesadillas for dinner.  Ken thought it looked good but said use the chicken we have. An easy dinner for sure.  

I ran to Raley's for the couple of things we didn't have and then by The Attic, a thrift store that benefits the Mason Valley Boys and Girls Club.  I was looking for any baby bassinet sheets for Amber, but they didn't have much in baby stuff.  I went over to the glassware section and found these below. 

Looking into the two new (old) bowls..I liked them because they
reminded of bowls Grandma Phillips had, except hers were
colored. I'l keep looking :) 

This is a bowl too..I love the pattern and have other dishes
with the same pattern..

A new wine glass, smaller than my others..Think I'll drink
less wine or just more glasses LOL! 

Then home to get some work done. Ken actually started the patio extension project. How he works in this heat i'll never know.  He knows what he wants it to end up like so i'll just take a few pics and we'll see how it ends :) 
Here's what he's working on..He's trying to level where
the new pavers will go..I'm just following the process :) 

Ken added 3 pavers..I know, it's the little things :) 

Ken ran over to Karen's to see when the kids were coming (up in the air now).  I was home enjoying the air conditioning when he came to get me.  We went next door for a bit and enjoyed my wine, getting caught up with Karen, Izzie and Isabel. 

Home and our quesadillas for dinner.  

Earlier in the afternoon I got a text from Eric that our grandson Seth's leave date for the Marines had been changed to August 19th so the going away party would be August 10th.   WOW...the way time flies it'll be here before we know it! 

Thursday night's sleep was much better.  We started and finished in the guest room!  Had our coffees this morning in our room, mainly because that's where the cable tv is :)  

Tomorrow is a party next door for 4 year old Sophia so I'm taking cookies.  Worked on those this late morning.  I tried a couple of new low carb treats for me. Cream cheese and strawberry muffins and a different chocolate chip cookie.  I love trying new recipes for fun!  Too hot to be outside! 
Since I had nothing to do one afternoon..made a Marine Corp
pillow :) Now to find some Navy material.  I actually had
this material from when I made valances and pillows for
Grandson Aaron when he was about 5 and wanted his
room Marines! Good thing I kept the material! 

This morning I craved fried eggs and hash browns..these are
fried radishes and made my breakfast extra yummy! I am
an egg beater person, as i don't want the cholesterol in eggs. Every
once in awhile though it's gotta happen! :) 

Chocolate chip and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies..

Cream cheese muffins and Almond flour cookies..

Ken had one of the last of his physical therapy appointments today. After he sees his doctor on the 29th he'll have one more and then be let go.  Definitely glad he got it done! Now he's living pain free! 

Tomorrow we are heading for Washoe Valley to pick up a load of firewood Ken ordered.  Winter will be here before you know it!  One reason I baked today instead of tomorrow. 

Grandson Adam spent two nights at Mount Rainier, Washington and now he's in North Cascades National Park.  This is his second night there.  No pictures yet, but he did call this am :)  He's loving his adventure! 

Mount Rainier, Washington.  Adam said it was overcast and foggy
at the bottom, so he drove to the top and this was what he
saw! Beautiful isn't it!?

Isn't that lake gorgeous! Makes me want to go!

Eric, Seth and Mason took a day trip to Loon Lake, Ca.  Looks like they had a blast so here's a few pics from that.  There is a couple of videos that were taken too, if I can get them I'll post them tomorrow! They're pretty cool! 

Seth and Mason on the Rubicon Trail..

Beautiful Loon Lake, CA

Two fishermen

The lake's so clear!

Two brothers spending time together before Seth leaves
for 13 weeks of Boot Camp!

Last but not least..Cheryl decided to spruce up her laundry area in her garage.  Thought it looks so cute so had to share.  Wouldn't you smile if you did laundry here with American Stars!? A patriotic laundry area!! 

Russell, Lori and Aaron are in Las Vegas this weekend for basketball tournaments.  Rogue Select (Aaron's team) won last night in game 1! Excited to hear about the next games! Go Rogue Select! 

Happy Hour time! Enjoy your evening! 


  1. You are all keeping busy. Wishing Ken the best for his final appointment and to Seth as he gets ready to leave for Boot Camp.
    Looks like Adam is enjoying his camping trip.
    Even sprucing up the Laundry Room can be fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler temperatures.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick for the good wishes! Adam is loving his trip..he loves Washington state for sure! Cheryl is really talented with arts and crafts, so not surprising she'd come up with a cute laundry area!

  2. At least you are keeping cool in this hot weather, getting things done and Seth heading out so soon is exciting.

    1. Thank goodness for a/c! Wish we had a pool though, then we could enjoy outside too! Oh well..Yes we are all excited for Seth and this new adventure in his life!

  3. Congratulations to Seth. My cousin's daughter just graduated from high school and she is joining the Navy. So nice to see the young people stepping up.

  4. Yay Seth!! Congratulations young man! I love the marine pillow.
    you've been baking up a storm, my dear. Everything looks great!
    Ken will ace his next appointments, no worries. :)
    The patio is coming along nice!