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Saturday, July 6, 2019

What a great week we had!

Waking up here on Saturday morning with just Ken and me.  The boys went home yesterday morning after breakfast.  They tried to stay one more day but Seth and Mason were committed to working for their next door neighbor today.  

French toast the kids wanted..

Seth and Holly going to lunch :) 

Mason and Papa playing a game...

Aaron and Seth waiting their turn..

Gotta love the sunsets..

The week certainly flew by!  The boys rode quads and went bowling in town one day.  Wednesday afternoon Seth's girlfriend, Holly came over to spend a few days.  She's really sweet and loved being out here.  We told her she's welcome anytime! 
Bye Holly!

Thursday, July 4th spent the morning making some potato salad, ambrosia and coleslaw to take to John and Karen's place.  We headed over late afternoon and the kids came around 1800.  A good time was had by all. They had hired a band to play and people came and went! We didn't get home until after 0100!  
Izzie and Amber

Danielle and Linc..playing a game
You try and get this rope and eye
to catch on a hook...

Little Noah always has his cowboy
boots on..

Holly and Seth 


Aaron..in the background more
people playing the game

A little dancing going on..

Yesterday morning I looked at the clock and it was 0820!! Oh my gosh we haven't slept that late in forever.  Jumped into the shower and headed out to turn on the coffee.  The kids were in the hallway and Holly was headed out.  Glad we didn't miss her! She wanted to get an early start to miss the traffic . She's leaving for Europe for a month on Monday and had some stuff to do! 

The boys wanted me to fix them breakfast rather than going out so that's what I did.  They left about 1100 to head for home.  Got a text later in the day telling me they made it :) 
Papa, Mason, Seth, Aaron

Mason, me, Seth and Aaron :)

Ken and I headed for Dini's for lunch just because we could.  We called our neighbor Joe as it was his last day at work in town to see if he could meet us and he did.  Had a nice lunch and conversation with him. 

After coming back home I made some 7 layer dip to take next door as we were having a little baby shower for Amber, before her sister and family leave for Southern Ca on Saturday.  

The party was small, but she got some really nice things to welcome baby Amelia at the beginning of August.  
Amber with her helper, Sophia..

Lynzee standing and her mom Karen

Mom and Daughter..Izzie and Karen

Izzie with great grandson Noah..

While us girls were inside the boys all visited outside.  Once the shower was done, we joined the boys outside for a bit and then headed home. 

Now to get this day started and see what it brings. 

Monday we are leaving for the coast of CA and five days with Eric, Christina  and grandkids.  We've rented a house there and are looking forward to the time together. It'll be revolving doors with some of the grandkids as they are working now.  We'll take whatever time we can have and enjoy it all!  

Well today brought more time in the kitchen.  I made some banana bread and applesauce oatmeal muffins for Ken.  My flourless chocolate chip cookies and then some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to take next door (and a special few for Amber..the momma to be).  Ken washed both cars as they were a dusty mess!  

Definitely a quick day once again!  Getting close to Happy Hour so time to end this!  Have a good evening everyone! 

Below is mostly a note for me for later on down the years :) 

Seth:  He was so happy that Holly was coming out.  When she got here it was cute, because he was shy.  I visited with her and then got him out of the boys room where they were playing video games. :)  After that they were together the whole time.  He took her to Weed Heights to see where the Anaconda Mine was and what's left of that.  Thursday they went to lunch in town and to the park where our "huge" 4th of July stuff was going on. Young love :) 

Mason:  He is the sweetest young man.  He loves his breakfasts! He's grown so much taller in just a few months. His voice is deeper and he just always seems happy. He's much more confident. Karen's granddaughter Bella is about his age.  He told me yesterday morning he got her number :)  I said, "You talked to her?" He said "I did".  He showed me her number on his phone.  Way to go Mason! 

Aaron:  He's an almost 6 foot 14 year old who most times acts older that a 14 year old. He's a great basketball player and will be playing football too at his high school.  Ken and I were out front the night they got here. The window was open and we could hear them in there playing video games. Then out of Aaron we hear this laughter :)  Again and again, and the laugh is one of pure joy...this man/child with the cutest laugh. Just made us smile over and over.  :) 

How quickly all these boys are growing up and getting on with their lives.  That's why when we can spend time with them we love it! Love that they still want to come to Grandma and Papa's place :) 

Grandson Adam sent these pics after his hike to Pyramid Peak the highest peak in the desolation wilderness of Ca.  At least he had his friend Chandler with him.  4300 foot elevation gain and over 4 hours to get to the top!  What a view though!


  1. What a fun busy week you had. How sweet that Holly was able to come too. Great photos. I'm looking forward to your pictures from the coast.

    1. Thanks Elva, it's always wonderful when grandkids are involved for sure! I'm sure there will be lots of pics from the ocean! Holly is a sweetie!

  2. Busy week! And I’m thinking of starting a go fun me page so poor Holly can get some new pants ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ .. you have a great family.

    1. Go FUND me might work better than go fun ๐Ÿ˜‚❤️❤️

  3. Thank you, we do love our family! You've got a pretty good one yourself! HAHA..I know, I don't get the holey jean thing either!

  4. Seth and Holly - such a cute couple!! I don't get the jeans either although I have a pair of short shorts with a rip in them like that. Lol
    So nice to spend time with the boys while they still want to come around. Now they're bringing girlfriends so methinks it will be a while longer! :)
    Yay Mason! call that gal.
    Have a great trip and enjoy the ocean.

    1. Thanks Patsy it is nice that they want to come around! Looking very forward to the ocean it's been at least 2 years for me, even longer for Ken. Usually the rips in my pants or shorts are not on purpose! I had a pair of jeans that I loved that ripped in the knee (because they were so old and thin hah)..that rip bugged me I had to get rid of them!

  5. Glad you are able to spend so much quality time with the Grands and encourage them how to socialize.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. What beautiful memories you and Ken are making with your grandsons. Nice to see you in one of the pictures. Loved your notes at the end. Hope you are having a wonderful time in California.

    1. Thanks Deb we are...just going too fast and not enough time :) Every once in awhile i'm in the pic but most times I delete them..haha. Glad you loved the notes.