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Friday, March 16, 2012

OMG this house is selling!!

3/15....Omg...this house is really selling!! We had breakfast and then took the patio set up to the storage unit...then the rain hit!!  We worked here at home and then I went down watched Jacob and Aaron till about 1130 when the kids came home from the concert..they had a good time!!  So did I, kids were good, Aaron had a hard time sleeping..
Jacob and Aaron playing ball in the house!

Aaron and Buddy!

Buddy on the couch, he wouldn't go to bed until his parents came home!

3/16...We worked around the house got the upstairs cleaned out..treadmill down..thought it was broke but ok...need to move to storage...hopefully ok tomorrow...Marsea from title called and Kevin (buyer) is signing papers on Monday!  They have to go to lender then back to us...aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....this is really scary!!! We are so not ready!! But that's between us!!  Had Diamond Well up to do potability test as we did it and one came back not good...So we had them come up and do it, so hopefully it'll come out ok...so we'll
see...but looks like this is gonna happen...We did find out this afternoon that the buyer because it 's VA can't pay for 1/2 the pest...so we'll eat it...but you wonder why you have realtors who don't know what they re talking about...Al and Kelly I understand totally!!!

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