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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Aarons Birthday Party and meeting the new owner of our house!

3/23...We made several trips to storage and Ken took the 20 foot trailer over to Bryan's house and picked up Adam for the night.  He was not happy we sold the house.  We later headed down to Rocklin to the pizza parlor for Aaron's 7th birthday celebration!  Had a good time and then got home about 2230 hours.  After relaxing a bit we all fell asleep.  Adam was up at 0500 when the alarm went off.  Ken and I woke up at 0630 and there he was never said a word...good kid.  

3/24...We got up and got the day started.  Kevin our buyer came over  about noon.  What a nice man, he was so excited he was getting the goats and chickens.  Ken took him on a tour of the house, yard and who knows what.  This is his first house he's ever owned and he is a Vietnam Vet.  He has an adorable rescue dog, Diva...He said this is "his dream house"...that just sealed it for us!  If you know this house you have to be a special person to consider this his dream house! We feel very good about this sale...sad but happy..A new adventure is ahead!!!

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