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Friday, March 30, 2012

The house has closed and recorded!

3/27..Ken drove the truck and I drove the Patriot out to Winnemucca and on our way we got the call.  The house has closed and recorded! We didn't get out to Winnemucca til almost 9 but that's ok we knew it would be a long day.  It was pretty moving, getting the rest of the stuff out of the house, but we were ok...hard to say goodbye because we did have such good memories there.  

3/28..Slept in a bit and then worked around unloading a few things from the car and truck and trailer.  We went by our favorite Mexican restaurant on the way out of town and I had a veggie tostada..very good!  Got to Eric's house about 8, visited a bit and called it a night. 

3/29..Went by the title company, got the check and headed directly to the bank.  So money is locked up now...which is a good thing!  Did some more running around, and then went by the Colfax house to drop off some keys.  Kevin wasn't there but Ken talked to him and he loves the place!  He has moved a few things in and is making it his own.  Togos for a avocado and cucumber sandwich! Very good..Got to Eric's about 4 and I made some chicken tacos for them as they had baseball at 6.  Ken and I enjoyed the evening, cleaned out stuff from the 5th wheel so Russell can pick it up for Winnemucca Dunes next week..keeping our fingers crossed weather cooperates!  Tomorrow we head for Winnemucca again to load up the cabover camper on the Ford and unload some more stuff. Talked to tax guy and got to get some info but they'll be done soon.  

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