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Sunday, April 1, 2012


March 31st...We're here in Winnemucca.  Ken's hoping to get the cab over camper on the Ford in the next two days.  We headed into town to pick up a few things and then had lunch at the Chinese restaurant in town.  It was delicious, I ordered the schezuan chicken and didn't eat the chicken.  The nice waiter told me what to order next time, without the chicken.  

I worked on the trailer, what a mess it was with everything from the Colfax house.  Ken worked out back and then came in.  The wind was a howling all day, huge wind gusts!! We had never seen it like that before.  

April 1st.   We slept in till 0630 and then started the day.  Ken's been out back all day working on the truck and cab over.  What a job, I am so lucky he is so handy.  Hopefully we'll be ready to head back to Ca in the morning, to get ready for Winnemucca dunes on Wednesday.  Got some shopping to do, but not much. Russell will come to Eric's to get the 5th wheel for the week.  

Eric and family were gonna go to Fort Bragg this week but it looks like rain up there so they're not going.  It's been nice and quiet out here the last two days.  

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