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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adam's 13th Birthday and so forth...

April 21st...We met up with Bryan's family, Daniel, Wendy, Shawn and Ninny at Garcias in Carmichael for Adam's 13th Birthday.  We had a wonderful time and Bryan got Adam a free dessert for his birthday. Garcias used to sing to the birthday boy but apparently not anymore, so we did!  Embarrassed him to no end, but he did good!  Got a few pics i'll have to post later because I don't have the camera with me right now.  

We left there and went to pick up a few things for dinner at Don's house.  I made them chicken enchiladas and coleslaw figuring you spend the whole day on an airplane you're probably starved when you get off.  Dana had to work that night, but they are both so excited about the house in TN!  So are we!!

Sunday was a great day at the BMX races!  Aaron got 1st, Derek 2nd and Bella 3rd..Jacob got into a pretty serious crash so he didn't place.  Eric's crew didn't come out as he had too much to do at home.  Eric's family is soooo busy with baseball that it's overwhelming sometimes (especially for me)....

Spent Sunday night at Eric's and then left yesterday about 11 and headed for Winnemucca!  Waking up to a beautiful morning here, and Ken is going to work on shelves in the containers so we can get the rest of the stuff out of storage and out here so we can start really fulltiming and going somewhere!! Grand Kids  will be out of school next month! 

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