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Monday, April 30, 2012

Hard to believe it's Monday!

April 30th..We're in Cool CA with our son Eric and his family.  Got here Saturday the 28th later in the afternoon.  This family is soooo busy I don't know how they do it!  We brought the 20footer and the new trailer with us, and I drove the Patriot.  

Sunday the 29th we headed for Bryan's house with the cabover and I cooked Super Burritos for them. It was nice to see Adam, he is so tall..I know I just saw him on the 21st but still..he grows by leaps and bounds.  We had a really nice night!  

Got up this morning and left for Eric's.  I cleaned out some stuff out of the cab over and straightened the trailer. Ken changed the oil in the Patriot, as we will be leaving on Wed with Don to head for Tennessee! 
I went to Russ and Lori's house to see those two grandsons.  We did some shopping that I needed to do.  I called Lori, to see if I could take them to dinner at the Habit Hamburger place, so ended up with Lori and Russell coming out for  dinner!  When I got back to Eric's,  Ken and Mason were here and they had been out looking for frogs.  Seth had a baseball game and did AWESOME!  He got 10 strike outs and caught a pop ball as he was pitching!! AWESOME job SETH!!   Baseball is definitely his game!  When we get back will have to catch a game before they're all over! 

Tomorrow night we'll stay at Don's and get going on Wed.  I made reservations for a camping cabin in Needles, Ca, so we have to get there.  

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