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Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27th...Hard to believe it's Friday already!  We've been here in Winnemucca since Monday afternoon.  Ken worked hard over the last few days weedeating and the property looks so much better!! Still more to do but he has worked hard.  

We've had some incredible weather, from warm enough to wear shorts to cold enough for a jacket..yesterday we actually had more wind and rain than we've ever had out here in the last few years.  

Yesterday we went to town, did some banking and Ken picked up his new 5x12 utility trailer.  He is a happy camper!  We had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  I had their fajitas, veggie style...so good and way too much food.  Came back and made whole wheat pizzas for dinner...again way too much food! Probably too much wine, but sure was good...I have to admit not missing the meat as much as I though I would.  

Yesterday was Bryan's 39th birthday!  He had to work, but I called and left a message.  Hoping to see him this weekend! Hard to believe these kids of ours our getting so old.  Seems like yesterday when I had him :)..We sure are proud of our boys!! 

Got a call from Linda yesterday, Wendy is in the hospital.  They are running tests, she has had a couple of episodes in the last month where she goes very weak arms and legs..Hopefully we get some news soon. 

Beautiful cool morning...Ken is going to unload the 20foot trailer so we can pick up stuff from the storage unit in Colfax and get it out here. Leaving tomorrow for  CA.

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