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Monday, April 16, 2012

I can't believe half a month has gone by!

We don't have a house anymore, you'd think i'd find time to write this blog..Well, NOT!  I'm going to start trying to do this daily again.  The first week until Easter was spent at Winnemucca dunes with Russell's family and neighbors.  As always we had a wonderful time!  Adam never rode so much as this trip.  It's funny how things go, but we have watched these kids for the last 6 or 7 years go from their little 50's to 90's and up.  Adam has his 400 and to think he started on a 90.  Aaron is riding Jacob's fast 90 and  Jacob spent quite a bit of time on Russell's 500.  No serious injuries just a few minor crashes.  The weather was typical Nevada...nice one minute and then a snowstorm the next. A Great time was had by all.  We came home Easter Sunday, the 8th and dropped off Adam in Gtown.  We spent two nights at Adam's and had a really nice time.  We headed for Winnemucca and spent a few days there, and now we are back in CA.  

Don (Ken's youngest brother)..and his wife Dana left today (16th) to head to Cornersville, Tn where they will be purchasing their retirement home.  Ken and I are staying in their house to keep an eye on Heidi, their dog while they are gone.  They will be back on Saturday the 21st.  Mason got sick last night so I spent the day today at Chris and Eric's spending time with Mason.  I will be spending tonight just in case he's sick again tomorrow.  

This is the week of birthday's ,  Don's daughter Tara has a birthday tomorrow...she's living in Hawaii now.  Eric turns 37 on Thursday, Adam 13 on Saturday and Bryan 39 on the 26th next Thursday.  

We will be heading back to Winnemucca probably next week to pick up our 20 foot car trailer so we can get our stuff out of storage in Colfax...I told Ken that we really need to go somewhere else but Winnemucca all the time...We are retired after all!!!

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