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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Winnemucca and back to Colfax!

3/19..We left Colfax and headed over to Winnemucca because I have a Dr appt tomorrow. Snow on the mountains all the way across Nevada, it was beautiful!  Got to the fifth wheel, set up and had an enjoyable evening! 

3/20..Today is Aaron's 7th birthday!! 

Got up and left the trailer about 9 and headed into town so I could see Dr.Grant..I had blood tests done a couple of weeks ago and the results were not too good.  The cholesterol meds I take just don't seem to be doing what she wants them to do.  If she changes me, we'll spend about 160 a month on the new pills, so i talked her into giving me another 3 months and CHANGING my ways of eating.  Even though we do pretty good most of the time...not good enough.  She says i need to go on the rabbit food diet..so guess i'll try that.  So we left there and went to our favorite mexican restaurant in town for our last meal. It was soooo good! 2 glasses of wine didn't hurt either..

Got a call from Marge saying the VA guy wants to come out on Thursday, for reinspection.  Told her no way was that gonna happen, we can't even get the heaters till tomorrow.  I can't believe how they want to push this.  No one has even mentioned the potability test, which we still don't have back.  Well basically, Monday we'll be homeless!!   

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