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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The big pour and our tractors new home!!

Got up this am at 0430 and got ready for the big pour today!  We thought Ken was going to meet the concrete finishers at Mc Donalds at 0615 to bring them to the house, but they were there by 0600..he left, I watered the forms and they were back.  At 0700 or a little before the truck showed up and the work began!  The end result, a beautiful 8 yards of concrete!  20 x 30 feet of 6 sack, with fiber mesh concrete!  We paid $92.00 a yard, so much cheaper than CA (we paid about $112.00 a yard for 5 sack for the concrete we poured last year at Bryan's no fiber mesh)...The guys were gone around 0900 and we had a beautiful pad!  We paid the concrete guys $1000..for the 3 but was really worth it..they knew what they were doing and it turned out incredible!  Another bid we had was for $3700.00..that included concrete..but if you figure that we paid $1788 compared to $3700...duhhhh..and Ken doesn't think they would have gone with the 6 sack, fiber mesh...so we feel pretty good about this! 

After that Ken decided to give our tractors their new home!  So I did a few things inside and the we moved the tractors from the garage to their new cover...love it! They look so good and I can see them out my kitchen window!  Which is what I wanted...Love it here at our new home in Yerington!!!!

Next week hopefully we'll get the garage painted its new colors, as the paint is pretty bad..
Click on the pictures and they will enlarge if u want!

How it looked this am!
Ken on his field machine...dragging rolled up fencing to smooth down some
of the mess....

I painted a section of Daddy's garden fence...each picket is hand cut! 

Side view of our tractors

Our tractors new home!  Love it!
The crew working hard!

Again, working hard...

The finished product! 20 x30 foot of beautiful concrete!
The grandkids will love this basketball court!

Ken did this in the corner....sweet!
The cool concrete truck..front chute..so you don't need the
extra person to run the chute!

The guys halfway through

Almost done

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