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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting things done around the house...

Set the alarm for 0500...(we slept in)...decided we need to get some stuff done..so got ready and went out to the tractor cover...I took the red barn paint and painted the structure and Ken put the tin roofing on..we are one sheet short so we'll get it next time we're in Fernley..figure we're going to need a little lattice to protect the tires..so it'll happen but I think it really looks nice so far..

Then we got ready and went to Yerington, had lunch at the mexican restaurant...yummy and then went by the bank and got cash for the people finishing the concrete tomorrow..0700 they'll all be here..hopefully...

Got home I did some cleaning inside and Ken worked on getting the forms ready for the pour in the am..the concrete supplier, Chisum concrete came by just to make sure his driver could get there...but all looks good for the am..yeahh...can't wait to post pics tomorrow of the end result..

A little dinner and early bedtime...tomorrow comes early..Ken and I are both excited about this happening as i'm sure the grandkids will be..we're enjoying being here and having things get done..

Looks like if all goes as planned next week i'll start painting the garage..it needs it and i'm sick of this ugly blue house...meaning the outside....hahahahaha

Our new tractor cover!

Love this cover!  Can't wait to have our tractors inside!!

Ken leveling the forms...

Another view of the forms...great job sweetie!!

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