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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2 days worth of blog...Babes Restaurant...then leaving and Mineral Wells TX...Now Amarillo, TX

Monday we got up and eventually headed out...had a nice lunch in Red Oak at a Mexican/American restaurant.  Little Alex was off for the day so he stayed with all of us.  Unfortunately, Alex and Rhonda had to work.  We headed for Joe Pool Lake up near Dallas (I believe)...unless I'm driving don't really pay attention.  It was a huge lake and very pretty.  We also drove by the area where some of the Dallas Cowboy's have homes...wow!! Very impressive!  
Joe Pool Lake TX

A Cowboys home


Amazing how fast the time goes and we headed back to Alex and Rhonda's for a nice afternoon until they got off work.  We sat out back and enjoyed the birds and thunder and lightening..awesome!   

Later that evening we headed for Babes Restaurant...an incredibly down home type place.  You order your meat and then the rest is served family style...green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, salad and the best biscuits!  YUMMMM...ohhh so bad, but soooooo good!! 

Babe's scary bunny!

The same one...only nice...

Inside the restaurant

I think he ate too much...

Alex, Rhonda, and little Alex...

Tuesday morning, we said good bye to everyone and headed towards Cleburne TX and spent a little time at Walmart, restocking our food and drink.  Then to La Fiesta, for a really good late lunch and then off we went...Ken thought we made about 200 miles, but upon checking this am..130..
Good bye Red Oak TX....and good bye to our wonderful
friends....Hope to see u soon!

Ok...which way do we go??????????????

Mineral Wells State Park..TX

We spent the night at Mineral Wells State Park...a nice park that we really enjoyed!

The Baker Hotel...quite a story..closed..and ghosts..wish we could
have done a ghost tour..they hope to remodel..but not quite sure..

Today we went through the town of Clarendon, TX...here we go...1970 we headed for Arkansas..we were going to visit Aunt Ollie in Texarkana...so after going through Amarillo, we headed to Texarkana...that evening, we spent the night in Clarendon, Texas...why do I remember that??  Because, my mom never drank much, but when we were on vacation, in the evening, she liked an ice cold beer!  (Of course in later years, we kids corrupted her and she liked ice cold Corona whenever we came over)...anyway....Daddy was out of beer and he thought that he would buy it in Clarendon after we got a room...NOPE...Dry county!  OMG I can still remember momma being so angry, and telling him we were going back home tomorrow.  I was outside on a swing writing Ken a letter and telling him the story..still have the letter at home...seems like yesterday..and that was 44 years ago...of course in the am we headed toward Arkansas and after that I don't think Daddy ever ran out of beer or ice!! Today we went through Clarendon, and the motel we stayed at "Western Skies" was still there..only got 1 pic but I really didn't think it would still be there!!  Dairy Queen across the street, which is where i'm sure daddy went and got our dinner...ohhhh the memories!!!

Western Skies Motel...looks the same as 1970!

Clarendon, TX....

Got up this am and headed for Amarillo, TX and here we are!  We are in the RV park we have stayed in 3 times and it's nice.  Reallyyy windy!! We saw some storms coming in, but here it's clear..they said some of the area we went through earlier today had golf ball sized hail...glad we missed it!  
Just because I like the way it looks!

We went to the Big Texan for a late lunch/early dinner...kind of tradition!  Yummy!  Now we're back at camp relaxing getting ready for tomorrow where we will head for Colorado.  

The BIG Texan...Double IPA..
something about a donkey...

He was really giving us the eye! 

The Big Texan

I had steak and baked potato...yummm...don't think i've had a
steak in 2 years...

These boys tried the 72 ounce steak dinner challenge...NOT..
but they were happy anyway...one from Maryland the other
from Alaska! Cost them $72.00 a piece for their dinner..

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