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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cornersville TN to Cornith Alabama...134 miles!

Some Barns along the way from 
Cornersville, TN to the 
Delina Crossroads Market and 

Love the stone on the bottom!

Bet this schoolhouse/church has some stories!

Across from the Crossroads Market

Best food ever!
Don's favorite barn!  There were people inside grooming their horse

This i've had a pic b4...Phillips barn!

Just around the corner from Don and Dana's place..

Don and Dana left Saturday morning for Marion AL to visit with Chelsea for the day since she was there and they don't get to see her much as she is finishing her junior year at West Point...We took our time getting ready and got out of there at our usual time of 1045...hit the road leaving two very sad dogs waiting for their people to get back home...funny as soon as Don and Dana left, Heidi lay in front of the door and Sweet pea went back upstairs to her bed..I'm thinking that's where they were when Don and Dana got back...

We headed down the road not quite sure where we were going to end up but...134 miles later we pulled into a very nice NFS campground at Cornith...full hookups and a river behind us...had a very relaxing afternoon, some leftover chicken...a can of mixed beans (Bush's) which we both love!  And haven't had since the last time we were out in TN...they don't sell this variety out west...We followed signs earlier in the day to a covered bridge, but because it was Saturday, and it looked like a birthday party going on...we couldn't park..but it sure was a cool thing to see!

Talked with a couple of the campground hosts on their walk..nice...One man, Ovid..told us a little about his rememberances of the seed driller we have on the trailer...good luck to them as it's possible they may be joining the full timer rank down the road....

Well, off to our usual early start...0850...guess i'll go take a shower....loving this life!! 

Heidi....so sad..

Sweet pea...sad too..

Trees along Don's driveway...might be the last time we see them
as the TVA plans on removing them..

TN River

TN River

The covered bridge was so cool!

Where we are camped at Cornith, AL

Like any kid would do he had to check out how steep it was to the water...

Russell asked for this...and we found it!

Our campsite....

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