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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Green River UTAH...to Ely, Nevada...almost home...

We set the alarm for 0500 this am so we could get out of the rv park by 0800 or so..0803 we're on the road headed for Ely, NV...we thought about going to Great Basin NP but decided that would be way too cold this time of year..and sure enough when we came over the summit..there's still quite a bit of snow on the mountain.  

We had our egg sandwiches that I made this morning on the road...and just enjoyed the ride..the scenery out of Green River was so incredible..the way the scenery changes was amazing!  Mesas and huge rocks just out of nowhere...again we were mesmerized by UTAH!   That state is just beautiful..and following highway 50 we had hardly any big rigs..honestly, not many people either!  So nice!!  


Black Dragon Canyon!

Ghost Rock

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We had our lunch at the top of the summit before we entered Nevada...and then came on down and in to Ely...we've been that way a few times and it's probably been a couple of years..but u come down the road into Spring Valley..this time though to mar our view of the valley are 66 (yes I counted them) of those huge, ugly windmills...REALLY??....what a shame..just mars the awesomeness of the valley! 

Wheeler Peak NV!

Great Basin area!

Horrible..windmills ruining the view of Spring Valley

got to the KOA and it's really nice..we've been by it several times, but never stayed..got another $10.00 off as we had the points..so only $25.00 for full hook ups..did a couple loads of laundry and now just enjoying watching the rigs come in!  

Tomorrow...Winnemucca for the night..mainly to refill our prescriptions and then Thursday we'll head to Yerington!  Has been an incredible 6 weeks away!  

I will download pics later..as I am on KOA internet and definitely slower than mine!

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