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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ely NV to Winnemucca...and then home to Yerington!!

We had an awesome drive to Winnemucca...arrived there about 1330...we took our prescriptions there to Raleys and thought we would visit Wonderful House...and have lunch and then pick up the drugs...well...Wonderful House was closed (wth)...and so we went to the one behind it..(can't remember the name)....well, hot and sour soup...was good..different but good...then the food came ....I ordered Schewann...chicken  but it was like General Chicken..fried and no veggies...so was ok...but not what I wanted...Wonderful house knows I like vegies with szchawnn sauce ..and it's oohhhhh so good...but nothing to complain about..so we decided rather than stay at the property just to get up and head home..let's just go...we got home in Yerington about 1900...and unloaded what we could and had a nice  evening... glad we made the drive!! 

Leaving the KOA Ely, NV

An abandoned old church outside Ely

Snow covered mountains outside Ely

Austin, NV

Saw these wild horses..there were 4 of them

Highway 50...the loneliest highway...love it!

Got up this am and took our time getting our day going...I cleaned the camper..Ken did his thing outside all day!!   Got our couch inside this afternoon...we love it..not alot of room left for more furniture but we kinda knew that when we bought it as the living room is small.  Hoping to find a red leather recliner or chair and that'll about do it.

This evening Ken bar b qued chicken and it was awesome (i took a couple of bites)...I had a veggie burger I didn't want to go bad..and what a great dinner it was!
 Tomorrow I will post reflections of our trip...and some monetary figures..would I do it again?? U bet I would and I know Ken would too!  Love the life we're living!  So glad we have our little house to come home to...but glad we can take off when we want!! How much better is that!?
Our sunset Yerington, NV

Ken bar b quing awesome chicken!

Another sunset picture...

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