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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Can't believe how fast time has gone!

Can't believe this is the 14th already...I am waking up in Georgetown after attending Adam's academic awards assembly last night at the high school...Only about 50 kids total out of the school (9th through 12th) got these awards.  Basically the teachers picked "the best of the best".   Adam got his certificates in Algebra 1 and English.  4 students per grade were chosen for these awards...Nice ceremony and I was glad I was able to attend.  (pictures to come later today...I forgot the cord from camera to computer)....

Adam and his English Achievement award
and his English teacher..

Adam and his awards for Algebra and English..

Last Friday, Ken and I planted a few things and he got the fifth wheel ready to come to it's final resting place at Bryan's house.  We had a nice day at home getting some things done.  

Saturday we left home, stopped at our favorite little pull over spot and had our lunch and continued on. Ken headed for Bryan's and because we had 2 cars I stopped at nephew Dusty's new house in Camino and took the grand tour!  Really cute little place!  Got to Bryan's and enjoyed a nice evening with Bryan and family.   

Dusty's kitchen

The original floors still throughout the house...1917 I think he
said it was built...

The backyard garden...love it

Sunday it was Mother's Day so Ken, Adam and me headed down the hill to do some visiting.  Saw Grandma, Russell and then we headed up to Eric's then completed the circle ending up back at Bryan's place.  Didn't get any pictures at Russell's but sure we will have plenty in a few weeks in DC...

This pic is a little out of focus..but Betty was so cute with
her "baby"

Eric drinking "Whoop your donkey" we brought back from  TX

Christina enjoying a bit too...

Seth on his "new to him" dirtbike

Mason on his!

Love this pic of Ken and Bryan...Betty too!

Bryan and family...

Three generations...

Monday morning we got up and eventually headed home.  We stopped in Fernley on the way at Lowe's and got some wood for the garden and some seeds.  Thank u Eric, Christina and kids for the gift certificates!  

This will be our little garden..figure start small and see what
happens.  4x8 foot..gotta get the garden soil still...

Tuesday am....I headed back over the hill to meet with my sisters and Diane for lunch.  It seems as it's been forever since i've seen them so even though it was short so glad we could make it happen.  

Below, is the cool Bonsai plant I got for Mother's day from Bryan...it's 6 years old, hoping I don't kill it!   

Below is the cactus garden I got from Russell...love the uniqueness of the large cactus...again hoping I don't kill it!  

Headed back over the hill this am!  

Got home and Ken had finished the fence...looks so good!

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