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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

From Amarillo to Clarksville, Arkansas...two days...and so many memories!

Groom, TX I love this cross u can see it miles away!

Briton TX..love the leaning water tower!

This is not as amazing as when we saw it..but looked like an eagle and his wings..
You'd have to be there I guess!! It was awesome!

Couldn't u just drink this???

Red Rock Canyon State Park TX..cool little park!

Don's car this am...first time we've had condensation!
Guess we're in the south!

The road out of the campground...just beautiful!

The biggest Box Elder tree in TX and it's here at the campground!

One of the rapelling cliffs..

High and proud near Oklahoma City!

Oklahoma City!

An overcrossing in Oklahoma City...way too much money I'm sure...

The rest area where we had lunch in OK...thought this is just too cute!

Potty stations for both kinds of dogs!

Lake Eufala...OK...huge!

Says it all....
From our campsite at Spadra COE...Arkansas River...

Our campsite!

Arkansas River is huge and beautiful!!

We spent last night at Red Rock Canyon, OK...a state park that we found on the map.  It was awesome! Alot of people come here to rapell the hillsides, it seems like nothing to people in CA but here I guess it's somethng else! IT was a state park, so $18.00 (because we are Good Sam members 20.00 w/o)...electricity, water and  pay showers...(6 min for $1.00)  I could barely get internet up, which is why I am updating today...had an awesome night there...then this am we got up early (yes we set the alarm)..and were out of there before 0900. On the way out we saw a couple of cabover campers coming in...and I said to Ken...look there's a cabover rally and no one told us...so as we're leaving I was trying to mail some cards, they passed us and stopped.  Had a nice conversation with two gentlemen from the cabovers...and yes they were headed to a rally in TX!! 
We exchanged some info and off we went, as they headed south to the rally...if we weren't headed for TN we would have been tempted to join them!  Hope John and John are having an awesome time!!! Hope to see u both down the road!!

So we headed down the highway...eventually we stopped to have lunch at a rest area..a man from AZ stopped next to us in his uhaul..moving from AZ to TN...asked if he could take pictures of the Barracuda...that car is a magnet!!

Headed out of OK into AR and here we are at Spadra COE campground..electricity, water nearby and showers...Well, if we would have stopped at a National Monument or Park we could have got Ken's pass..and instead of the $16.00 we're paying it would have been $8.00...gotta get this man to a park for his Golden Access Pass...!!! 

Sat outside for awhile and told Ken stories of fond memories of Clarksville, where my grandparents lived..and how Daddy brought Momma here in 1949 after she came from Austria...and they slept in a bed and mom told daddy..."we've gotta get your mom some blankets...she's sewing rags together to make blankets...she didn't know it was a hand stitched quilt...or how daddy sent my Aunt Ola (his sister) $$$ to buy some clothes for my mom...how sweet is that!?...and of course for us kids (well not anymore)  but us cousins got together every year for a week or two...so incredible!!  so MANY good memories here in Clarksville, ARKANSAS!! 

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