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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Seth and the United States Marine Corps!

Grandson Aaron at the Kings game..his favorite team
New Orleans Pelicans...
Well the election is over and we have a new President!  We'll see what the next four years hold! 

Yesterday, hung around the house and did some cleaning..got the loft bed made up in the bunkhouse.  

Today is our Grandson's Seth's fifteenth birthday!  So hard to believe how fast these kids are growing up.  We'll see him tomorrow as his family is coming over for the weekend! 

Got some potato salad made, a chocolate cake Seth wanted and tomorrow night Papa's burgers..that's what Seth wanted.  Saturday night is ground beef enchiladas and coleslaw.  Eating way too good this weekend. They will head home on Sunday.  

Lately these days just fly! Not enough time in the day!  Ken got the junipers trimmed and they look good.  They were blocking our view on the front porch, so they had to be cut! 

Today, November 10th is also Owen's birthday too..they took him to Apple Hill for the day..

Owen is two!!

One year ago...


Today is the Marine Corps 241st Birthday!  Of course there was a lot of posting on Facebook..that a certain Marine was responsible for..haha..here's just a sampling of a few..

Russell on his wedding day..1997..the little guy is Kyle..

Russell and Lori at Marine Corps Ball 

Tun Tavern..we went there to the spot when we were back there..

Love this!

The little guy in Russell's wedding picture all grown up!

Last but not least definitely...hung this picture in the bunkhouse today.  I went out to the 5th wheel yesterday and saw it was in there..decided it needed a better place.. Eric will be 42 in April..when I was pregnant with him I painted (well followed the numbers)  the Last Supper.  Haven't done anything since but in the evenings after Bryan went to bed, I would paint on this picture.  Turned out pretty well (of course how hard is it to paint by number?)..just reminds me of a special time in my life.  This was at our first house on Pershing in Fair Oaks.  

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day...my mom and dad would have been married for  68 years..wish they were still here..:(

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