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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thursday morning we woke up early and were to Linda's house about 0900 or so.  Had everything done and waiting for people to show!  Ken ran over to his friend KC out in Rio Linda for a bit and then over to his mom's later in the day and by our nephew Tony's house too.  I stayed at Linda's and visited all day...

This pic was taken Oct 1 2010 at my mom and dad's service in Dixon..
From Left...Mason, Aaron, Seth, Jacob, Adam, Dusty and Jesse

Thursday we were able to recreate the pic as all the kids were at Linda's house...
Same pic 6 years later...how they've changed!

Wendy's daughter Ursula and hubby Steve

Isabella, Jacob, Seth and Adam

Lori, Aaron, Jesse, Diane and Dusty 
Owen and Seth

We had a great day as always at Linda's ..so glad she hosts this every year.  We'll be back at Christmas too.  

Headed back to the hotel and then at 0500 I met Wendy, Linda and Adam at Penney's in Roseville, then a few other stops.  Picked Ken up at a little after 0900 and we went down the road to Denney's.  After said goodbye to my sisters and Adam and we headed home.  Beautiful drive on I80 and home around 1400.  

Lazy afternoon..

Yesterday (Saturday) cleaned and then we put up our Christmas decorations inside.  Had (too much) egg nog and brandy, put up our tree and watched my favorite movie...The Night they Saved Christmas. Just love it!! 
Sis in law Emmy made these 1st year she
was married..so we're talking 40+ years ago

Diane made this 25+ years ago..Ken, Jesse and Dave

Our star topper!  Eric made in kindergarten..

Dusty made this for me when he was about 5 or so

I made this tree skirt for my mom and dad
when I was 16..

George Black made this for me in kindergarten

Dotty, Russell and Jim in KY..hangs on our tree
every year..

Our living room and our quirky tree..before it was decorated

This morning we awoke to a nice dusting of SNOW!  Just enough to make it pretty but it still counts!! 

Here's to a nice Sunday at home! 

This pic popped up on FB...from 3 years ago..how they've changed!
Aaron and Jacob...my taste testers..
 2 years ago...They've all changed so much...
Adam, Seth, Mason and Mia

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