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Sunday, December 18, 2016

It's Sunday again!

Sunday morning waking up in Rocklin, CA.  We were home most of the week until Friday when we headed over the hill.  We stopped at Bryan's house and he and Cheryl gave us the most incredible  sign that he made.  Made from old corrugated tin and wood.  Love it! Can't wait to get it up at home! 

We left there and headed to North Highlands to visit with an old friend of ours. I worked and traveled with her while working at the Sheriff's Center all those years.  Joanie is very special.  She's 94 years old and sharp as a tack.  Always asks about the family and is just excited to hear what we've been up to. Love that lady!  I always buy a few gifts for her great grandchildren.  We had them on our Christmas list when I was working, so just continued the tradition.  Hoping to spend d a little more time with her this next years 

We left there after a couple of hours of visiting and then headed for Dixon, CA and the Super8 we stay at there. It's a nicely remodeled hotel very clean and the beds are huge!  I made chicken and potato salad before we left home so we had that for dinner. 

Yesterday morning we headed over to the cemetery and Wreaths Across America.  This event is just part of Christmas now.  We met up with Eric, Seth and Mason.  Christina was coming but unfortunately her grandmother is not doing well and is in the hospital in Roseville.  Wendy and Tasha were there also, but we didn't see them until we were over by mom and daddy's resting place.  

* Remember to click on the pics and they will enlarge*

Eric, Mason and Seth 

The Patriot Guard

A visit with Michael too..

Seth took so much care to fix the ribbon
just perfectly on Daddy's site..

The cemetery has now grown to 18,800 gravesites.  It's beautiful, but very moving.  It was really cold!  So glad I had my UGGS on that my sister Linda got me a few years ago.  This area has had so much rain lately that the ground was saturated.  We were done about 1100 hours so we decided to head to Garcia's in Carmichael for lunch.  Eric and the boys came, but Wendy and Tash had things to do. 

Had a great lunch as always and we had the server we really like! Chris is awesome.  As soon as he saw us he brought us a Family Christmas card and we found that his little family had grown by one!  He is so good, remembers what Ken and I drink and the fact that I like a glass of ice with my wine.  

After that we stopped at Russell's to pick up some birthday gifts they had for us (they were at basketball)..
While we were at Russell's his Elf, Joey pointed weapons at us and made us feel very uncomfortable... :)
Joey keeping watch at the Kay household.\

Then a quick stop by Ken's mom's house and then to Rocklin to the Days Inn we usually like to stay at.  All night long the people above us hardly slept and then about 0500 it sounded like they were sawing something (like the floor) with a dull hand saw..weird.  

Yesterday was a big day for Grandson Adam, he got his first tattoo.  He's been saying since he was young he wanted one, Dusty had his tattoo artist over and so between what Adam designed and tweaking it with the tattoo artist it actually looks incredible.  Now hoping he hasn't started a trend here..this one is good.  I'll wait for permission to post, but I will.  

Today is Ken's mom's birthday, she's 89! We'll  head over there and then take her and whoever else shows up to lunch at Garcia's again, as she likes it there.  Our niece, Tara is in town so looking forward to seeing her.  Chris won't be there today though :(

After lunch we'll head home until Christmas Eve.  Hoping to meet up with a friend I used to work with in Reno one day this week, but that's about it. 

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