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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The week before Christmas...hard to believe...

Here we are waking up to a cloudy cool morning..funny at 32 degrees I can call it cool.  Compared to 1 degree (yes I said 1...a couple of hours later it was 5)...I  should say we're having a heat wave!  Going through a lot of wood for the wood stove, but I would hate to think of the propane we'd be going through if that was all we had. 

Got everything wrapped for Christmas and the last of things bought I believe anyway.  

My very special friend, Vickie is in Reno this week visiting her family, so we're going to Reno tomorrow to meet up for lunch.  We stay in touch over Facebook but it's been over 7 years since we've been face to face.  So excited to see her. 

Today is all about getting some things ready to take over to Linda's on Sunday, the things I can cook ahead of time and freeze. Tomorrow nothing will happen and then Friday will be cook day.  

I said i'd get a picture of Adam's tattoo and here it is..he loves it! Came out pretty cool looking.  

Bryan had company for Raider's Football on Sunday.  Our nephew, Tony and his
family went up for the afternoon.  

Adam, Bryan and Tony

Adam, Bryan and Tony

Christina and Lori lost their Grandmother this week, so i'm sure their households are having a tough time this week.  Keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.  

Ken got our new sign Bryan made us up on Americana and handmade wall in the living room..Cheryl made the American Flag puzzle on the left..Eric made the map of America..Eric made the I love MOM heart..Cheryl made the American stars pic and Bryan made the sign that says Kay..how special are all those things?...love it..

Adam having a turkey sandwich..thinking there's
someone who wants him to share!

Raider looks a little tired...

Because my grandkids are too old for Elf on a Shelf..I adopted one from
West Mannheim Police Department..his name is Sarge..
apparently he hijacked the speed sign with a message from Santa...

An oldie but a goodie...Linda and me with Doggie..Ken gave him to me
when i was 16..I think Linda wanted to steal him..hahah

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