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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

There's a new addition at the Kay's in Georgetown

These days are just flying!  Today we're headed to town for lunch..the 1 trip salad bar at Pioneer Crossing.  It's so good and so cheap $2.95 and I don't have to make it..hahah..

Hoping to get some baking done and a few other chores.  Tomorrow (Wed) we'll head to Gardnerville as Ken has a follow up appointment on his MRI.  I'm sure we'll have lunch out at Carson Valley Inn and some last minute Christmas shopping.  

Friday we'll head over to CA.  Sounds like quite a storm is expected in the next few days!  

Yesterday we headed over to the shooting range and Ken fired a few  rounds through his new gun...he loves it!  

Well, Cheryl surprised us the other day with a picture of a new addition to their house.  Raider a 3 month or so puppy.  She found it on Craigslist in Auburn so over they went.  He's cute as can be.  Got some German Shepard in him, along with other stuff..haha. Apparently the woman who had him called him Carlos as she found him in Little Mexico..not sure where that is..but Adam changed his name, so we'll see what sticks.  

Not so sure that Miss Lucy wanted a brother but she's got one now..

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