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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Another week gone!

 Couldn't believe that I haven't updated since Tuesday!  Probably because not much has been going on here in Yerington.  Ken's been over at Joe's house working on the cover. It's turning out really nice.  So needless to say, the bathroom project is at a standstill, but that's ok..(for a little bit)..

Friday, I did a huge circle and went to Reno to do some grocery shopping at Winco and Sam's Club. We've got grandsons coming next week so I figured it was worth the trip to Winco.  Got home around 1700 and put things away, some in the trailer and some in the house.  Headed next door, looked like that's where the party was...hahah..well yeah guess it was, ended up visiting and enjoying too much wine and a lot of beer was drank too..but it was really nice.  Love our neighbors but don't really interact with them that much.  Think they like it that way and we do too.  Got home about 2330 and morning came way too soon :(

Joe (our neighbor) called about 0700 because we were planning on going to breakfast in town together.  Joe and daughter Rylee came over about 0800 and we headed to Dini's ..it's a casino in town with a really good restaurant.  So for $2.99 we got 2 eggs, bacon (3)..home fries (yum) and toast..you could have sausage if you want that instead of bacon.  Sure can't beat that deal.  

Came home and pretty much i just vegged the rest of the day..it was hot and humid and that doesn't work for me.  Ken worked outside a bit and about 1500 or so he laid down and took a nap (which is really rare for him!) 

Dinner, tv and then called it a night.  Feel much better today hahaha..

So going to get the trailer and truck all loaded today..tomorrow I'm off to pick up Adam, Seth and Mason for a few days.  Ken's heading to Bridgeport to get a spot (hopefully) and we'll be camping till we want to come home.  Adam has to be back on the 13th for Senior Pictures and Seth and Mason will be getting ready for their Texas trip.  They leave the 17th.  

We've got lab tests in Winnemucca on the 21st and Dr appointments on the 28th.  Then it's July!  Ahhhhh!     ** If it works like it should, click on the pics to enlarge**...

Eric's Subaru with our Yakima on top. This way they can
haul more stuff.  He had to buy the cross rails..but we figure
we can share the Yakima.  Looks good!!

Last day of school..Mason and his gang! 

Mason, the red head on the right...

Russell and family were at their friends bday party..Regan and Brookie..

So cute! 

Russell pushing his little boy (ha)..Jacob on the swing
I still enjoy a good swing now and then..guess your
never too old!

From left ...Matthew, Adam, Nick, and Ben
4 cousins on Cheryl's side..Good looking boys!

Adam's AP Spanish class..of course they didn't learn anything the last half
the year, Adam's teacher took maternity leave, and in all of CA guess they
couldn't find a Spanish teacher....(CA for you)...

The graduate, Nick..and Kate (Kate is actually Adam'a really good friend)..

And of course...Owen, all ready to go swimming at Grandma Linda's house!!

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