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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

Yesterday morning we got up and discussed what to do...decided to head for Fernley and the Memorial Day Ceremony at the National Cemetery there.  We figured there wouldn't be a lot of people so we figured we'd get there about 1045 or so as the ceremony was at 1100.  

Boy were we surprised!  It was amazing to see how many people, young and old alike turned out!  We've lived here in Yerington over 3 years now and we've never stopped there.  So glad we went out yesterday.  It's a beautiful cemetery.  
They had a bus that picked up people that were way out!

Looked so awesome all the American Flags

Some of the people parked way out...us

Loved all the Flags

Some of the people ..

Love the bikers and Patriot Guard..Cold War Veteran

The older man is a World War II Marine..the T shirt guy
has a USMC shirt on..

They had the bagpipes playing..

In Dixon, Ca and Arlington, Va there are standing grave markers (which I really like). Here in Fernley the markers are all flat (not sure why the difference)...still a very beautiful place. 

Very touching watching people visit their loved ones....

A nice rose garden with benches for reflection

As we were leaving to go to our car

After the ceremony was finished we called Russell to see what they were up to.  They were in Reno for the weekend for Basketball tournaments. They were about an hour away from finishing up their last game.  We decided to meet at BJ's Brewery for a later lunch.  So we got to see Russell, Lori, Jacob and Aaron..always love when we can see the boys and families. 
Left to right...Aaron, Russell, Lori and Jacob

Our sunset in Yerington...

After that we came home, enjoyed sitting outside and Ken bar b qued some pork for dinner.  

This morning we decided to head to Fernley to visit Lowe's and Walmart.  Ken wanted to get the stuff he needed to start our neighbor Joe's covered porch project.  Lowe's in Fernley had most of it, but we had to go to Carson City for the rest.  So our plans to be home for lunch got messed with, but we went to Pioneer Crossing and their single serve salad bar. Yumm !  
Love this pic of Eric and Mason..last week at
Mason's Mendocino Camp..

Owen's got the Phillips love of Ice Cream!! 

Got home later than planned but that's ok.   

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