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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Not much going on...

Been around the house the last couple of days which is nice.  Our little 5x12 flatbed trailer (that we took to Bridgeport) had some lighting problems..Ken was able to narrow it down to the trailer, and eventually got the lights all working. 

He did work a bit in the bathroom, got a few pieces of ceiling up and I stained a few more pieces of ship lap for the area above the vanity at the top. Once he gets the ceiling in then he'll finish that.  He's getting there, we just have to get the exhaust fan and a new light up..so it's close.  

He talked with our neighbor, Joe and Ken's going to build a little cover for Joe's workshop.  He's really into mining and works hard at the local dairy (he's a diesel mechanic)..has hardly any time so Ken will be a little sidetracked for a bit.  That's ok though...Joe's a good guy.  

Tomorrow morning we'll run to Gardnerville to pick up prescriptions and a few things at Walmart for the weekend.  Sure hope the weather's good in Tonopah as the events are outside.  

Our son Eric and grandson Mason are in Mendocino for the week.  It's the 5th grade science camp.  Christina got a few pictures today, and looks like a good time to me!  
This pic is adorable, but not sure why he has this dirt
on his face...hahaha.

Looks like they're exploring a cave of some sorts..

Of course if there's water anywhere
nearby kids are in it! 

Seth had his baseball awards last night..and it sure looks like he'll be playing again next year.  Sure Eric hated to miss that.  

Adam received an academic all league award for baseball..no one's sure why, because he doesn't play baseball, but must have to do with the academic part of it..

Can't believe it's Memorial weekend already..sure have been some really good ones over the years..

This pic came up on Facebook..so just had to share it
Good times in Arkansas! 
We like the site Thechive.com ...today there's a very moving Memorial Day Tribute..if you get the time it's a great read..It's called..A Hero, A Toast and remembering those who gave all...

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