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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Good day around the house...headed to Bridgeport tomorrow...

We spent the day at home today..I decided to clean out the tuff shed..it was hot!  But we've been here over 3 years and I've cleaned some of it..but again it needed another cleaning..so it looks much better..i've got about 2 and half containers that I need to go through so that's not bad..

Ken worked on the bathroom and it's looking awesome!  He ran into a snag over the door way..no wood to be found for him to screw/nail into..but he's got it figured out now...
This was a sweet surprise..UPS delivered this from Christina
and Eric..know it was Christina's doing..Love it..

A lot done on the wall ..looking good! 
Much better than this huh?!

Owen and Dusty went swimming in Linda's pool..96 degrees in

While I was cleaning the tuff shed, he was taking the quads off the trailer (since it looked like we wouldn't be going anywhere)..he asked if i'd want to go to Bridgeport to see how things looked for the summer..well who am I to say no..so we are planning on leaving  in the morning and headed there for a day or two.  We'll take enough food for two nights, but based on weather we'll see...

Golden Sierra Grizzlies made the playoffs..Grandson Seth is 3rd from
the left...bottom row...

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