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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Guess it's about time for a little catch up...

Saturday morning I left here about 0600 and arrived at Rocklin's Hardwood Palace just about 0930..not bad..the drive was very nice and no traffic until I reached Rocklin.  

Met Russell and the boys at 1000 and watched Jacob play a basketball game..then the boys and I headed for Burger King so they could fuel up.  On to Lotus Park at just about 1200.  Saw a baseball game that Mason played in and then headed to Eric's house in Cool so he could take the Yakima off the car.  Visited a bit and then headed to Georgetown for a quick visit with Cheryl and Adam.  Then on down the hill and stopped by Mountain Mikes Pizza for one to go.  Got to Russell's house at about 1900.  whew...what a day!  

Mason playing 1st base

Lori and Russell got home around 2300 so we visited a bit and then off to bed.  I got up about 0430 and headed out the door.  What a great drive home..only about 2 other cars most of the drive going up I80 until Reno.  Got home got ready and off to Fallon we went.  

Enjoyed our day at Just Country Friends shop and their parking lot sale with about 25 vendors.  Did we buy anything you ask?  Oh yes we did!  

For probably about 30 years or so I haven't had a dresser in the bedroom. I usually used the closet and shelves for my stuff.  We have a dresser that we've had for about 40 years, but Ken uses that one.  The system worked fine, but we found a nice dresser so we bought it.  A nice mirror came with it..so even better!  Found a double yoke hitch (just because it'll make some nice yard art)..then a metal double bed frame..I plan on painting it flat black and hopefully putting it in the bunk house..and then...we are not art people, but we know what we like..so we found a nice lithograph that has a one of a kind frame, the picture is one of a kind..we talked to the two artists who designed this picture.  Well, then along with he picture comes the lantern that Paul, the one artist had acquired and then put it in the picture..well, then he shows us that it is an old USMC lantern..those who know me, that's all it took..SOLD..but actually we loved the picture and frame anyway.  So that all we bought.  Could have bought a lot more, prices were right but no place to put the stuff.  Actually, when we bought what we bought we really had no idea where we were going to fit it, but figured we'd find a place or rearrange.  

Double bed frame..

Had lunch in Fallon and headed home.  

Yesterday we worked around the house and I varnished the rest of the wood. Ken got the tin cut for behind the toilet area and wall.  The days just seem to fly!  

We had planned on heading out to Sand Mountain for a few days, Ken got the quads loaded and camping stuff ready while I was gone, but looks like weather isn't going to cooperate so we'll try again next week.  

Today Ken's working in the bathroom, got the metal up and now the wood! back w a few pics...in a bit..

The wall he's working on today...

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