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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Headed to Reno this am....

Left Placerville on Monday morning and ended up with lunch at our favorite place in Minden, The Carson Valley Inn.  After a great lunch, a quick stop at Walmart we headed home.  

Before we got to Minden, we took a short drive to Turtle Rock Campground, we've been there several times and wanted to see if they were open yet. They are, and there were only about 3 campers in there.  Nice...so we talked about going camping on Thursday and Friday of this week, going home on Saturday morning so I can cook for Mother's Day.  Sounds good right?!..Well, looks like the weather report doesn't agree..rain and thunderstorms predicted..oh well, maybe next week?

So we've been home the last couple of days kinda...we went yesterday to Gardnerville and picked up a nice palette of wood..looks like we won't need it until next year, but we've got a good start! 

So this morning, up early to get the 97 Ford (aka...The Money Pit) to Reno and Dynamic Diesel.  On the way home we're stopping at Winco in Reno so I can do a little shopping for Mother's Day.  

We plan on being home early enough for lunch here...if all goes as planned.  

Bryan got the gate up yesterday!  Nice job, son!

Our wood from yesterday...

Of course a pic of Baby Owen...love his little smile

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