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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Some work around the house...

So we've been home a few days this week..but need to head for Carson City this am and Lowe's.  Need some trim for the tile in the "new" bathroom.  Sure we'll find a way to use up most of the day.  

Ken put the cabover camper on the 97 Ford (money pit)..it does look good there I've got to say.  So yesterday he finished some things and I cleaned the inside of the camper getting it ready to go..where?  I have no clue..but whenever I get it freshly cleaned and set up...I'm ready to go!  

Ready to go!

Birds had started to make a nest in the fan above the stove..it's amazing really all the work that goes into making a nest!  Well, Ken duct taped the vent from the outside, so yesterday he pulled out tons of stuff from the fan over the stove, what a mess but now it's ready to go again.  

Saturday, I'll head over the hill once again, to spend some time with Jacob and Aaron while Russ and Lori participate in the Blue Crawl in mid town.  It's a fundraiser to support law enforcement..sound like it should be quite the time!  

I plan on heading home about 0500 on Sunday morning, so Ken and I can head for Fallon and their antique fair there.  We've planned on that since Ranch Hand Rodeo in Winnemucca.  

Eric's metal wall hanging is up!
Love it!

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