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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Congratulations Ben!

Yesterday Ken went to Hawthorne with our neighbor, Joe for a a bit. Hawthorne is just about an hour from here and Joe had some mining business in town.  They left here about 0700.  I got ready and ran to town for the last minute things for Mother's Day.  

Seems I spent the rest of the day in the kitchen and Ken worked on the RUDB. About 1300 a truck pulled into the driveway and it was our friend Tracy, headed to Vegas to surprise his mom.  Tracy just retired from Sacramento County on Thursday! Congratulations Tracy!!  He and Ken worked together for quite a few years.  

Ken got the shiplap up over the vanity and the new medicine cabinet in...looks awesome!  Cheryl said she's going to come and live in the bathroom....of course she'll have to fight me...cause I love it so much!! 

Looks good don't you think!

The medicine cabinet is up!

Well, yesterday saw on Facebook that Adam's cousin Ben got sworn in for the Air Force.  He still has a year of high school to finish but he went to MEPS yesterday and they swore him in afterwards.  His mom wasn't too pleased that she didn't get to be there, but you sure can't be anything but proud of him! Congratulations Ben!!

Adam on the left, Ben on the right...I think they were about 3 years old
Of course this is how Cheryl and I still see the boys..

But in reality....
Ben in the middle...
Adam...you can sure tell they're cousins....

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