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Monday, May 23, 2016

We're back home until Friday

WE got over to Bridgeport in time for lunch.  Surprising how many people were camping already!  After we got home I looked for reservations and pretty much most of the campgrounds in that area are booked until the middle of August.  Our grandkids go back to school on August 10th and 15th..summers sure go a lot quicker than when we were kids!  

Had a really nice afternoon Thursday, the weather was perfect!  Had a great campfire and just enjoyed doing nothing!  Friday morning we awoke to a still beautiful day, just colder!  So we decided to stay another night.  We took a drive up to Twin Lakes and checked out some of the other campgrounds, lots of people!  The lake was higher than we've ever seen it!  Such a beautiful blue and right near the road.  People fishing, but didn't see anyone reeling in any.  
The road to Bridgeport from our house...love the traffic

Bridgeport! The craggy mountains is right near the campground

Our campsite
Twin Lakes..

Last year water level was so low..beautiful this year

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That's little snowflakes we're looking at

A little weather coming in at home

Again, another afternoon of doing nothing, except enjoying.  Another nice campfire!  Saturday morning, we had to vacate the site we had as it was reserved and it was time to come home.  We left there about 1015 and was home 1145.  One reason we love camping at Bridgeport!  

Cleaned the camper and a few other things then the day was done again.  

Yesterday morning decided to head for Walmart for groceries as the frig was looking like Old Mother Hubbards..so we were back in time for lunch at home.  

Yesterday afternoon I noticed I had an email from the Mizpah in Tonopah, talking about Jim Butler Days which goes on over Memorial Day weekend. Ken wanted to go last year, but I was in New York for Chelsea's graduation. So I got online and called a few hotels, most were fully booked, but got the last room at Tonopah Station Casino.  So Friday we'll head for Tonopah for Friday and Saturday.  Maybe take a run to Goldfield if we have time.  

I will head for Georgetown and Cool on the 6th of June and pick up Adam, Seth and Mason.  Ken's planning on going to Bridgeport and hopefully get a site for a few days.  The kids love Bridgeport and fishing so will get a few days with them.  

Adam has Boys State at Sacramento State University starting the 18th of June for a week and Eric's family heads for a trip to Texas and all places between on the 17th of June.  Looks like they'll be at our house on the 2nd or 3rd of July for a few days before heading for Cool.  So we'll celebrate a Yerington 4th of July.  
Last wall of the bathroom getting worked on...

The last wall of the bathroom with our Nevada picture and lantern
Love it!
Jacob had a big weekend of basketball....#16...

Aaron got MVP and scholar award!

There he is with both..

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