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Sunday, May 29, 2016

What a difference a day makes...

Well, after I published yesterday's post Ken suggested running back up to the Championship events and see if we could catch the Double Jack competition so we did.  Love that event!  As the announcer said, you've really got to trust your partner to do this event!  

Two men, granite, hand drill bits and an 8 pound hammer!  10 mins to see how deep you can drill the granite.  That's my favorite event!  

After that was finished we headed downtown.  So much quieter than the night before!  They have a speedway there and so there were races Saturday night. We figure that's where most people were, seems to be very popular.  

So we walked the streets, visited a few bars and just enjoyed the evening. We were able to see United Country in the Mizpah's new casino venue!  Small dance floor though, so no dancing last night...LOL! 

Headed back to the room and then slept like a baby. 

Got up this morning, had breakfast again at the hotel.  Headed up to the Mining Park for the Junior Mucking event.  Really cute, any child from 3 to 18 can muck this cute little ore cart, they time them and then each child receives $5.00 for participating.  There were tons of kids (think the $5.00 is the incentive)..so we watched a few sets and then headed home.  

Looking forward to next year!  
Double Jack..

Women's Single Jack..the woman in maroon, competed
and is now helping the other with water..

Measuring the depth of the hole

This morning, a small group of kids watching a
little girl fill the ore cart..she did it while sitting down :)

This little one will be a championship mucker when
she grows up!

She never quit..

Love this flag in Hawthorne, NV...huge and flies proudly...

Ken  told me my videos aren't working on yesterdays post..i'll try and figure that out!  I just did ...they should be working now!

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