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Friday, May 6, 2016

Another trip to Reno...

As we were on our way home on Wednesday, Dynamic Diesel called and let Ken know that it wasn't diesel leaking, it was oil.  Basically to fix it they would have to pull the motor and that would mean a lot of $$..so Ken told them we would pick it up on Thursday.  

So yesterday morning we got up and headed for Reno and Sam's Club, Walmart and Dynamic.  The truck runs great it just leaks a little oil (actually Ken has tried to get it to leak again and it's not)...figures huh!  

Yesterday afternoon he got some of the tin up in the bathroom and hopefully today he can get some of the shiplap up on the wall.  
There's the tin!

A little trim will go on the edge..and the hole you
see above the tile is for the shower curtain rod..
really hating to put up a shower curtain..I love the
look of the tile..

Tomorrow is my cooking day for Mother's Day.  Sunday morning we'll leave and head for Fair Oaks and then we'll see Ken's mom.  We got a room in Rocklin for the night and we'll head back home on Monday.  

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