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Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day was great...

We got out of here about 0645 and headed over the hill to my sister Linda's house in Fair Oaks.  We got there and just about 15 minutes later Russell and family showed up.  They had plans later with Lori's family at their house so they came early and left about 1400.  

It was a full house but a really nice day so were able to be outside quite a bit. As usual way too much food and drink, but a wonderful time.  

Bryan, Cheryl and Adam were there for a few hours, Eric came after work and even Christina and kids stopped by for a bit after the Rivercats game. So I got to see all my boys..and families..makes me one happy mama!!  

Trying to see with Russell's kids if they're available during the summer for a trip..but we'll have to see on that one , they're very busy kids with basketball!  Russell's birthday week sounds like their family is headed for San Diego and places in southern CA. 

Eric's family is planning a trip to Texas, they leave on June 17th..I think Eric has to be back to work on July 7th.  

Adam has two leadership camps ..one June 18th to the 25th in Sacramento and one in Portola from July 9th to the 15th I think.  So summer will be over before you know it!  Have to squish some vacation in there when we can.  

After leaving there about 1715 we headed over to Ken's mom's for a bit.  Checked into the motel in Rocklin, just a little after 1900.  Busy day.

This morning took our time getting ready but still got out of there a little after 0900.  Stopped in Reno at Sam's Club, Walmart and then lunch at our favorite place, Carson Valley Inn in Minden.  Yummy...So yummy I took a nap on the way home..

Unloaded the car and here we are...figure we'll get up early tomorrow and get ready for the new propane tank to be delivered. 

Eric made me this..can't wait to get it up...it 's
about 15 inches tall..Love it..He called it his 41 year old
kindergarten project...I love it!! 

Russell and family always get me a pot with some kind of flowers..
This year beautiful cactus..the only pots I really use anymore are the ones I've
gotten for Mothers Day over the years..love them..
From the left...Leah (Ursula's former mom in law)..Aaron (Ursula's former
hubby)..Wendy..Angelina (Ursula and Aaron's daughter)

Adam and Jesse

Cheryl and Lori

Chelsea, her mom Erin and Owen..and the doggie, Tina

Chelsea's dad

Owen loves to "drive" the cud...

My Oma top pic..my mom's mom...

Of course Grandma Linda has a special bed for Owen..cute! 

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