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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tonopah, NV dancing the night away...then a parade and awesome Saturday

We left home yesterday (Friday) at about 1030 heading for Tonopah for the weekend.  We got here in time to have a late lunch at the Tonopah Station Casino and motel..which is where we are staying.  Then we headed into town to see what was going on.. well, for Tonopah, I guess it was a lot, but really not much happening.  Had a drink at the Mizpah, hotel where we've stayed before with Russell and Lori and kids..then back to the motel for a bit.  About 1900 we got downtown to the Street Dance..we were shocked at how many people were there!  

The band United Country played and they were awesome! They're a band out of San Diego, country and country rock.  The main singer is middle aged but the rest of the band is 60+ I would say.  
The haunted Clown Motel..gonna have to plan a trip here with grandkids!

And of course...the Mizpah

The beginning of the street dance!

People hanging out...

Line dancing..not me..not coordinated enough..haha

On top of Tonopah Liquor

Silly string was everywhere with the kids..

Bartender race!

This guy and his daughter were just too cute!

So we were just kinda standing around and rocking to the music, when this young girl in her 20's grabs my hand and drags (well not really) us out to the dance floor.  So for the next 3 hours + we just danced and danced.  Gotta say we felt more like teenagers than 60 and 64.  It was nice to see that it was families, kids and older people.  A really nice mix..but surprising to see so many families in Tonopah.  Where they all came from I have no idea. 

Not as good as we wanted..but cute sweatshirt..

Back to the motel before midnight..not much before but it was.  

This morning we were up about 0600 for coffee and computer.  Headed down to breakfast.  Behind us were 3 older Marines and 1 young man.  Listening to them talking, we heard the young one was being deployed to Iraq soon..(yeah thought we're not there anymore)...so I'm thinking I'd like to buy their breakfast..about 10 seconds later, Ken says..I would like to buy their breakfast..done deal..we told the waitress and she gave us their check.  On the way out we thanked them for their service and on we went.  Any service member has a special place in our hearts...but Marines...goes without saying..

We left breakfast and went and found our spot to watch the parade.  Funny, nothing compared to Bishop Mule Days we used to go to.  The entries in the parade threw candy to the kids..had to be way better than Halloween!  It was a good parade but very political..alot of entries but a lot of people running for office..seen much better over the years.  
Ken waiting for the parade to start..He was in the minority with
water in his chair..most people had beer!

Air Force ROTC

Kids are too cute

Class of 96...

Scolari's bag of groceries...

Belly dancers!  A lot of them!

Smokey giving hugs...

An old Nevada Highway Patrol Car

We walked around town for a bit, tried to go to Tonopah Brewing..well we did, but they sure don't know how to schedule their employees so we ended up walking out without being served..

Headed up to the Mining Park so we could watch the state Mining Championships and Muking.  They also had single jack drilling, along with double jack.  It was pretty cool to watch..and the women mukers actually broke the state record !  It was pretty awesome to watch..The women (2) filled an ore cart with approximately 1 ton of dirt!  It was something like 48 seconds!  Amazing! 
Out at the Muking..

Love the kids!

The two women in the pic..broke the state record..by one second..

Drilling of the granite

We watched the first 2 of the drilling (where you drill with your single jack hammer and hand held drill bits)..then the rain hit!  We took it as long as we could but it got cold and the rain didn't let up.  

Back at the motel, and then about 1900 we'll head back out to town to see what's going on.  United Country is supposed to be playing again, so we'll see..

Short video below...line dancing in the street!

Women's single jack!

Men's single jack..

Filling the ore cart..

Home tomorrow...but we had such a good time..I'm going to make reservations early for next year..

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