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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Home...and off we go today..

We were all loaded up and ready to go...I went out the trailer door to put my stuff in the truck and noticed we had a flat tire on the trailer..uhoh..so Ken changed it out no problem.  Couldn't really see anything in the tire..but he checked it out when we got home. 

So after that, an uneventful ride to Fallon where we decided to stop at Walmart for a few things.  Well, never again! Got my groceries and 27 min later I was headed out.  Couldn't believe they only had like 3 check stands open!  But i had too much to put back.  Out of town a bit we pulled over and had salads for lunch in the trailer.  Home about 1430.  

We proceeded to empty the trailer and not even an hour later...done! That's the way I like it.  All ready to go again!  

So...our plan was to stay home, and get some work done on the bathroom and get ready for Eric and family to come sometime next weekend or so on their way home from Texas.  Well, we're watching the news and they're talking about Rockabilly happening this weekend in Carson City..guess where we're headed this morning?!  So the bathroom will wait another day or so...hmmm..thinking someone's not in the mood to finish the bathroom..oh well, it'll happen. 

Adam comes home this morning and he's a happy camper.  This conference just didn't do it for him.  Actually, looking at the pictures, it doesn't appear it didn't do for a lot of the boys.  He really enjoyed NSLC last year, but this one not so much.  Guess the food was terrible, that was a major complaint.  You've got 1000 teenage boys, you better have lots of protein and apparently they didn't.  So Bryan and Cheryl better be prepared to be eaten out of house and home for a few days!  
Adam in the center of the pic..

Cheryl took Betty to the vet yesterday and it doesn't look good for the poor girl. They ran blood tests which came back ok, then Cheryl had to get a urine sample which she ran to the vet and that came back ok.  So they were hoping for an infection, but that doesn't look to be.  The Dr. felt a mass and the C word was mentioned.  So they could spend thousands (which they did a few years ago)..so just hoping she has some good time left.  She doesn't seem to be in pain, and she seems happy..

Eric and Chris seem to be having a good time in TX.  Cadillac Ranch yesterday. 

The little guy in the middle has the cutest smile..

Seth and his little shadow..

Seth and Mason...

Thought this was adorable..Seth 

They are visiting Christina's family in TX..
So I don't know who all the kids are..but
looks like a good group..


  1. So hard when your pets have problems. Good wishes to Bryan & Cheryl & Adam

  2. Thank you ...we'll just pray for the best!