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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Antiquing yesterday...and 1 more unexpected day with Don!

Got up yesterday morning, Ken and I ran to Walmart in Lewisburg to get some things so we would be ready to leave in the am.  

We took a walk with Don out to the back area of his property to see where he plans on putting in a culvert  so he'll be able to drive across with his truck or tractor.  The property is just incredibly beautiful!  We also saw where he plans to put up a hay barn in the near future.  

Near the area of the creek on Don's property

Where the culvert will go...so he can get across

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Don and Ken 

See the house way........up there! 

After our little walk we loaded into Don's truck and headed for Columbia, TN to see if we 
could find anything we couldn't do without at the antique place we have been before and bought yard art...nope not this time...

A beautiful old home on our drive

Love these roads

Another house with lovely pond...
So back in the truck and on to Fayettville, TN to take a look at some antique stores there. Had a beautiful drive on the back roads and ended up at the town square.  Had an awesome afternoon visiting some of the stores there in town..Found a few treasures! 
The road of our ride to Fayetteville, TN

Town square at Fayetteville

Can you see the Christmas Wreath on the pole?  All over town...all off the storefronts are 
decorated for Christmas already?!...What is going on...Well, turns out they have an event 
on the 8th called ....The Host from Christmas Past....seems like a big todoo..they have President Lincoln speaking at the court house..vendors, crafts, hot chocolate and all kinds of events going on.  Just seems kinda early to me to have everything ready for Christmas already.
See the wreath...

A pretty storefront ready for Christmas

Even the trees are shaped like Christmas trees and u probably can't
see but there are red berries on the tree..looks like small ornaments

The Gazebo all decorated...

And look one fella there giving info to another...

The Confederate Soldier...

Honey's Restaurant...looks like it's been there awhile..
We'll try it next time..
After spending a delightful afternoon in that town....we headed for an early dinner at Delina's Country Kitchen...where we've been before with Don and Dana and absolutely love it!  Ken and Don both had the special...Don had Catfish, Alligator and something else I think..Ken had frog legs, and alligator..came with white beans (yum) fries, coleslaw and hush puppies..I had the grilled chicken sandwich and fries...awesome!  Love that little place!
Ken's holding up his frog leg...don't think he was really crazy
about it...

Ken's Plate

Don's plate!

Now why does my title say "an unexpected day with Don"...well, we got up thinking we were leaving today :(  but we do gotta get home before Thanksgiving.  So I took a shower all was good...Ken went to take one, all backed up in the tub..so out they went to look at septic system and ROOTS...big ones..so we're staying another day :)  (smiley not for the roots but because we are staying)....Looks like a fairly easy fix...(for them, not me).... 

Don digging up the septic tank lid...

The tractor is coming in handy!

Our find yesterday...a Western Flyer Wagon...

Ken and Don...
Don't know how many of you remember the story from a couple of years ago when we were here and Don and Dana were in CA.  But we were sitting at kitchen table and Ken saw a  soldier dressed in gray walk across the dining room area while we were having dinner...

Well, this am as Ken was telling me we were going to stay another day, he turns sideways and says "Don?"....well Ken ended up with goosebumps and says he just saw a soldier dressed in gray go down the hallway...it was so weird, because I didn't see him but Ken did!  Maybe this is a guardian angel and this is why we're not leaving today...

We are glad the backup happened while we were here and not in a few weeks when Don and Dana will have a full house for Thanksgiving!  

We are going to enjoy our last day in TN with Don!!

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  1. I had a great time visiting with y'all. I'm already looking forward to your next visit. Have safe travels back home. Thnx for all the help around here.