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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Breakfast with Bryan and family, home via Lake Tahoe, getting ready to go again..

Monday morning we had a 1130 appointment for brunch with Bryan and Cheryl at our old standby, Edelweiss Restaurant. When we lived in Colfax, CA we were there quite often on our days off.  We were pleasantly surprised to see Adam with them too.  Edelweiss makes the best food anywhere.  The owner, Lena remembered us (it's been about 3 to 4 years since we've been there) remembered Ken drank Bud Light (he doesn't anymore, but why tell her)..and my Chardonnay, (which I didn't have)..We all ordered lunch items but their omelettes are to die for! 

We enjoyed our lunch and then it was time to say goodbye.  Got a nice 3 CD of old country music. Thank you Bryan and Cheryl. Russell got me a nice flower basket that we hope lives and Eric gave me a triangle dinner ringer like the ranches have to call people to eat and a Lodge sandwich cooker..which we'll be trying out soon! Nice to have seen all 3 of our sons this weekend. 

We headed up highway 80 and Ken brought up going around Lake Tahoe. It takes a little longer but the day was done anyway. What a beautiful drive, the lake is fuller than we've seen it in years. Just awesome! 
Heading up I 80

Love this mountain on 80

Along the Truckee River and the bike trail

Looking at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe beauty..near Emerald Bay..

Ok Ninny guess we better turn :)

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a stay at home day for me.  Ken got the Dodge off the cement and took it to town for a little drive. I finally started on my new kitchen curtains, which I've been meaning to do for years.  

Coming into South Shore Lake Tahoe

Kingsbury Grade

Coming into Carson Valley

This morning, (Wednesday) after some wild dreaming all night I awoke at 0530!! Oh Oh late..got the coffee going and we did our visiting with our blogging friends. Ken had an appointment to see the surgeon he saw a year and a half ago. Dr. Fry comes to Yerington  once a week  so we were there for a 1215 appointment. Ken's been dealing with a bad shoulder for about the last year and half or more and Dr. Fry said when he's ready to come see him and he'll do a shoulder replacement. Ken's ready!  He's been taking motrin for a long time, but it's not doing the job anymore. We're waiting for the new surgeon to call for an appointment as Dr. Fry doesn't do the actual surgery anymore. I'm thinking sooner rather than later he'll have a new shoulder. He was trying to wait until winter to have it done, but his body isn't cooperating..
We bought this Blackstone Grill online.. Thinking it'll
be perfect when we have grandkids.  Gong to look for
adapter kit so we can hook it up to our large bottles of
propane.. Probably will cook 9 decent sized burgers! I can see
where this will come in handy for pancakes for the grandsons! 

Even flame burners..

Sunset last night

Greek yogurt pancakes..so yummy and easy!

1 container any flavor greek yogurt, mix with 1 egg or egg whites,
mix 1/2 c flour (gluten free, coconut, almond, oat will do too) and
1 teaspoon baking soda. I let it sit 5 min.  batter will be thick but
wonderful. I added fresh pineapple bits while cooking, you could
add any fruit if you want.  Delicious and a 4 inch pancake about
50 calories.  Makes enough dough for 4 easily..

Trailer ready to be loaded and storm clouds in the background.

After the appointment we headed for Pioneer Crossing and their one trip salad bar. yummy..It's only $2.95 a person and it's a great deal. We haven't been there in ages. We got home to a pour down of hail, rain and wind.  We sat in the car for a bit and watched, and when the opportunity arose we headed for the house. We were greeted by a ton of water in the hallway.  Because of the rain and wind our roof over the addition started leaking.  Whoever tied the house and addition together definitely didn't do it right!  We spent quite awhile cleaning up the flood and know there's another job for Ken to try and figure out over the summer depending on his shoulder. 

I spent some time in the kitchen figuring out what to take for the weekend. We're leaving tomorrow and heading for Washoe Lake State Park.  Ken has his yearly eye appointment in Reno Friday morning. Sunday morning I'll leave for Fair Oaks and our neice Chelsea's baby shower. I've got a room in Auburn, CA for the night and Ken will come home. I'll head home Monday morning sometime.  

These weeks just fly too quickly!  Enjoy your evening. We've got a fire going as it's cold! Our neighbors invited us over for a campfire outside..no thanks, they're much tougher than we are but we appreciate the invite!!


  1. You have been busy, love the drive around Lake Tahoe. I had a similar grill on my restaurant and loved it was so easy to cook on , great for eggs omelettes, pancakes, home fried potatoes etc I am sure you will enjoy it.
    Good luck with Ken's shoulder replacement.

    1. We love the drive too around Lake Tahoe, not tons of traffic during the week but get close to a weekend and it's a no go for us! I am looking forward to trying out the grill for sure!

  2. You guys are so busy, no wonder the weeks fly by!! Wow, I've never seen such 'go-ers'! As long as you're having fun! :)
    Good luck with Ken's shoulder, wondering how long a new one will hold him up? Better to get it done asap and feel better on those jobs. :)
    The pancakes sound great, what size container of yogourt? A small cup size or the small tub?
    Sorry to hear about the flood, we are always being tested, it seems.

  3. The Dr told Ken the full recovery time is about 3 to 4 months so to take that into consideration when planning the surgery. Any greek yogurt flavor in the small container, about 5 oz. if you buy the tub. Luckily it doesn't rain much in NV but when it does it's crazy!

    1. thanks Shirley, finally remembered to go back and check for your replies. :)