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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Now it's Christmas past....uhhhh....

Well, last I posted we had come home from Winnemucca!...I know we went to Gardnerville, Nv and Carson City after to pick up last minute things..then on the 24th early we left a cold Yerington, NV and headed for Cool, CA...we got to Bryan's house around 1500 and they got home not much later.  They had a nice lunch with Cheryl's dad and then dropped by to visit Ninny in Fair Oaks...it was raining in Georgetown and when we got there Cheryl's Mom Linda was there waiting for them too.  A little while later they got home and we had a nice visit with the family!  

We headed for Eric and Christina's as we were gonna spend the night.  They got home about 2000 from her mom's house and we visited awhile! 

About 0500 we had a knock on the camper door and got up to watch the kids open gifts! Love that as Mason still believes in Santa! We headed up to Bryan's house to see what treasures they got, as they weren't going to Ninnys...then we headed to Fair Oaks and had a great time!...Love my sisters and seems as though I don't get to see them much!...Left there and headed for Grandmas's house...had a great visit with her along with other family members!  Then Ken and I headed for the camper out front!  

Got up about 0700 the next morning and Ken went to get the keys for Grandmas house..and the back window was broken...his backpack was also stolen!...WTH...we were 6 inches above that window and didn't hear a thing!!

Went by the two banks and got that taken care of...of course there are many other items that won"t be done...but we have to tatke care of keys etc...bummer!...the banking was easy and that was nice..now to call SS and Fidelity and Sacramento County...bummer!...but it will b done...just a sad ending all the way around! 

Picked up Jacob and Aaron and arrived home around 1700...nice leftover dinner and set the alarm so we could meet up with Eric and family to pick up the boys...got there around 1000 and around 1030 I thought we got our directions messed upo maybe...so headed up the hill...a few minutes later there they were...so we got the kids and they went on to a nice weekend and so did I!...

Tired...pics tomorrow! 

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