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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

All 5 grandsons are here!

Monday am I headed for Hope Valley to meet up with Bryan and Cheryl and get  Adam for the week...They were going to come for the night but with Betty (their d-o-g) it just wasn't going to work...that's ok though.  Adam and I headed back with a quick stop at Walmart in Gardnerville.  Got home later than planned but still the kids all had a good time until it was time for dinner and then Adam, Seth and Jacob all headed for the 5th wheel to spend the night.  The younger ones disappointed as they think they want to stay out there by themselves...not happening though..They all slept in this am until 1000 or later...

We did wake up to a light dusting of snow...but by this afternoon all gone..:(

It is so cold here, don't think it got over 30 degrees all day and breezy. The kids were in and out for short periods but it didn't take them long to get cold.  Ken made a trip in the Tundra to meet the locksmith guy in Dayton.  $125.00 later and we have new keys and a hide a key for the Tundra.  He will take the Patriot on Friday and see about new keys for that...

I made french bread pizza for the boys for dinner and they loved it!  Tomorrow is New Years Eve so we'll enjoy some snacks and whatnot then!  

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