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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Time has flown again...we are in Boomtown!

Last week we were home...Ken put up lights for us and they look awesome!  We've got the tree up too and some packages wrapped and ready.  Fed Ex has been by a couple of times and a few gifts have been picked up from the post office.  Time is just flying and I swear my brain can't even think anymore...good thing I write a list every year of what i've bought.  

My little house with its lights!

Yesterday we came into Boomtown as we once again had the $14.99 deal here.  Don't know why we get it as we don't spend a dime gambling...I made some baked chicken and some potato salad and we brought that for dinner in the room.  Not because we're cheap, (well yeah we are)...but they put so much salt in most of the foods we decided we didn't eat out for 3 whole days..

Today Ken had his yearly eye appointment (which is one reason we decided to stay the night last night)...all is good and he goes back in one year.  He's got some cloudiness behind his lens (the one he had the cataract surgery on)..but dr says some of that is because his lens has slipped a bit..but as long as he wears his driving glasses all should be good.  

After that we did a little shopping, but the traffic in Reno sucks!  It reminds us of Roseville, CA that u have to be out of there before 1200 or traffic is really bad.  Had lunch at a Chili's and stopped at Target on the way back to the motel.  Tonight we have left over chicken and potato salad for dinner.  

Not sure what we're doing tomorrow but we know tomorrow night's dinner is the buffet feast that we are getting for free...again, not sure why, but we'll take the offers as long as they last!  

Friday, our plan is to head over the hill to Dixon and stay the night there, attend Wreaths Across America at Dixon National Cemetary on Saturday and then probably spend the night at Bryan's and head home Sunday!  Whew...being retired is tiring...

I know pics are not that clear but gives general idea of what it looks like..actually I have a few more to post..because he did the last post and another bush...i'll work on that for tomorrow..

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