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Friday, December 19, 2014

Over the mountains to Grandma's house we go...and then to Winnemucca!

Christmas presents before some were delivered....
December 18th...Ken's mom Crazy Grandma's birthday..87 years...so we got up early to head to her house..and a nice lunch at Garcia's Restaurant.  We left Yerington about 0545 to head for Antelope and drop off some gifts at Russell's house first...Then we went by our friend Joanie's to drop off a few gifts for her great grandchildren...then by Great grandson, Andrew's house...no one home but we left them outside...then on to visit with Ken's mom before we met Ken's brother, Dave and hopefully Diane...actually we ended up picking up Diane and I drove her to the restaurant...she had a hip replacement a few weeks ago..We had a wonderful lunch at Garcia's ....actually had the same waiter we had just a few days on my birthday, Chris...and he remembered what Ken drank and me too...he is awesome!! 

We did a quick turnaround and got home about 2000 enjoyed a drink and then bedtime..knowing we getting up about 0500 to head for Winnemucca for the night. 
Another view of the room...

Near Reno....

I 80...snow...

Love the trees....looks like Christmas!

We left Yerington this am about 0745 and headed for Winnemucca.  I baked earlier this week for our friends 
where we had property and for the waitresses at our favorite Mexican Restaurant...las Margaritas..So we arrived around 1200 and registered at the New Frontier RV Park...took us awhile as Casey was really friendly and we enjoyed talking to her.  We got our spot, disconnected the trailer and headed for Raleys to restock on some beer and wine.  Then to the restaurant!  Had a delicious lunch and a great visit with the girls there...Jasmine (who is pregnant with her 4th boy!) her mom , Pita and the little lady who usually serves us chips and salsa...this is the best Mexican Restaurant ever!!  Dropped our goodies and enjoyed our  lunch (which will b dinner too)...Then we headed out and had a nice visit with Joe and Wanda, our neighbors across from where our property was...then by Steve's and he joined us at Ron and Deanna's (she's in Maui visiting her dad)....Love the friends we made, so we always have an excuse to visit Winnemucca...too bad it was too far from the grandkids...such a nice town!  

But don't get me wrong, we love Yerington too!! So much closer to those kids and grandkids!  

Tomorrow we will head for home, but probably a stop at Walmart and our favorite Chinese place for lunch!!
Coming into Winnemucca!

Our spot at Frontier RV Park...Winnemucca...

LONG RV sites....

Another view of the corner lot....With our Passport America
Discount....$9.52 for the night!  Full hookups and nobody around
Love it ...we'll b back..

Bathrooms...club house...probably go under as they have a ton of
spots, park models and what look like motel rooms...this was supposed to
be a man camp for the miners,...then mining is not doing well..

The road towards our property...we don't own anymore
but still have friends...

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