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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Washington DC the second day!

Well, we got up and out of the hotel after a breakfast at the hotel..got to Arlington to wait for the shuttle and on with the day..traffic was bad so it seemed to take about an hour just to go a few miles.  Finally we were there and got off.  We had reservations at the Washington Monument at 1130 so we figured we had time to visit the World War II Memorial.  Very humid and hot day!  We got there and were treated to about 50 World War II Vets from Honor Flight, Eastern Oregon!  How much better could it get than to be able to visit and Thank these Heroes!  I know it mean alot to all of us...as we realize in a few years there won't be any veterans left to see at this incredible monument.  They ranged from people in wheelchairs and oxygen to others who could put themselves on the ground crosslegged and get back up no problem!  It was so awesome for us all!!  

We walked back to the Washington Monument and a Ranger led us and others up to the elevator and we went to the top of this awesome monument!  The monument just opened a few weeks ago as it had been closed since an earthquake a few years ago, you had to have purchased tickets online as during the summer there is no first come first served tickets!  Luckily we had them and everyone enjoyed the views from the top! 

Once we were done there we headed over to the Vietnam Memorial...another very moving piece of history...over 58,000 names on the wall...
Russell at the Vietnam Wall

Then, over to the Lincoln Memorial..He is so regal sitting there watching over everyone and all the monuments...Love this one!  Then as we're getting ready to go the clouds let go and it's a pour down!  So that probably held us back over half an hour, but it was beautiful!  As soon as it breaks we head for the Korean War Memorial...very moving!   As we're there, sky lets loose again so we attempted to stay dry under some trees...didn't work very well so we headed for a little walk up food place in the park near our shuttle stop.  Had a quick lunch in the rain standing up but it worked!  Our shuttle came and we were on our way..or so we thought...We had a beautiful tour of the downtown area of Washington DC...saw Ford's theatre (where President Lincoln was shot) and many other places I hadn't seen before. Washington has a very nice downtown area (if you have the time to spend)...by the time we got near the Air and Space Museum we knew we didn't have time to see it that day...so we headed back to the hotel and the kids went swimming awhile.  A nice dinner and a great evening!  

Adam at the wall...

Adam and Aaron...

Lori and Jacob

And there he is President Lincoln! 

A view from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial looking at the
Washington Monument in the rain!

The Korean War Memorial

Downtown DC...
Adam waiting for the shuttle in DC

Jacob, Jesse and Aaron waiting for the shuttle in DC

Aaron and Jacob in front of the entrance to the World War II

We came across a group of Honor Flight Veterans from Eastern

Russell and Aaron talking with some of the World War II Vets!

Adam, Jacob and Aaron in front of the fountain at the World War II

The wreath Honor Flight Left...

Two handsome boys in front of Arkansas post

The group of Honor Flight Vets! Awesome!

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